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Out of the Ashes

14 March 2016

blog Hello! A year, 3 months, 2 weeks and 2 days ago I made the very difficult decision to take a step back from my work as a medium. As many of you know, my partner was diagnosed with stage 4B Hodgkin's Lymphoma, and I soon realised that I needed to give his treatment and care my full attention. I decided to leave behind everything I worked towards, including my work with the Spirit Realms, however, despite me hanging up my medium's jacket, Spirit were constantly around me, keeping a close eye and giving some advice or some healing energies when and where it was required.
Thankfully, my partner is now in remission and is gently recovering from his chemotherapy treatment. It has come to the time where I need to move forwards again and rebuild my life. My friends in the Spirit World have always been there for me and have always guided and helped me in some way or another and I want to re-join them by their side, working together on this side of life to help prove to the world that our souls do not die, we go to a better place, and we continuously learn, grow and love. With careful consideration, and much discussion between by helpers and myself, we have decided how I am going to go about that.

As from today, I will be releasing a new blog here on AaronTheMedium.com on the first and third Monday of every month (today being the exception). I will be delving into the world of mediumship, and sharing with you various topics and stories of my experiences of teaming up with Spirit to pass on loving and healing messages to those of us here on the Earth Plain. Accompanying these blogs, I will be releasing a vlog (video blog) a few days after, bringing these blogs to life.
To help you keep up to date with all these goings on here on AaronTheMedium.com, I will be releasing a monthly newsletter which you can subscribe to by filling out a very short form by clicking HERE. This newsletter will be packed with information, informing you of new blogs and vlogs, demonstrations of mediumship, divine services, radio shows and so much more!
I am also planning on returning to the airwaves on BlogTalkRadio in the future, bringing back my popular radio show where I will be introducing to you different spiritual workers and exploring their lives as mediums, psychics, card readers, rune readers etc! We will also be opening the phone lines so that you can phone in for a free reading live on air!
readings with Aaron NaughtonIn the not-so-distant future, I plan to be offering one to one private readings across the globe again! If you have access to Skype, emails or a telephone, you will be able to book private sessions with me. What's new with my one to one readings will be that every reading will be recorded and uploaded to AaronTheMedium.com where you will be given login details and the ability to access every reading that you've ever had with me and review them.

I am currently in collaboration with Spiritualist Churches in the North East, North West and South West of England and the North of Wales organising events where I can come and give demonstrations of mediumship for free or a small fee at the door.

I am so excited to get back to my life purpose and to be offering all of these things and more! Most of all, I'm excited to share it with you. Thank you for joining me on my journey and I really do hope you enjoy what I have to offer!

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