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What Are Spirit Guides?

01 August 2016

FreeImages.com/photographer/tdnb-60025We are not alone. That's perhaps the biggest comfort for me in my life when I'm facing an extremely difficult situation, to know that I will always have my Spirit team around me to support and guide me. I often talk about my "Spirit team" in my blogs but what exactly does it mean?
Many mediums use various different terms to refer to their Spirit teams. Guides, helpers, guardians are just a few I've heard. Whatever term you prefer, it doesn't matter, as everybody has them. A guide is essentially someone who resides in the Spirit World, and uses their time assisting and helping people in the Physical World progress in many aspects of their lives, and achieve the best they can. The reason I refer to my "guides" as my Spirit team, is because that's exactly how I see them, a team of people working together, and they work so very hard. I don't know who they all are, as there are so many of them, but there are some who I often speak to and work with on a one to one basis.

When I'm working for Spirit giving a demonstration of mediumship, I spend most of the message communicating with the loved one who wishes to step forward and pass on a message, however, there are brief moments where I call upon my Spirit team for their assistance. This is usually when I don't understand the information being given to me, or I cannot quite interpret a sign or what is being said to me. Quite often, the person who works alongside me when I am giving a demonstration of mediumship is my grandfather, he was a working medium for approximately over 50 years, and he is the one who taught me pretty much everything I know today about Spirit and how to work with them. This hasn't changed, and he is still teaching me from the Spirit World. I will ask my grandfather what the message means and he will present it to me in a way that I will understand by showing me a sign or symbol I often work with, or showing me something that I can relate to in my personal, everyday life.
Behind my grandfather are the rest of my team, with a wealth of knowledge, contacts and information about my personal life, that he may call upon to find the best way for me to get the message across as clearly as it possibly can be.

It's not just mediumship that my Spirit team assist me with, they're there to send me healing and support when I need it, and they're there to give me guidance and suggestions when I may be straying away from my life purpose. Sometimes, they even give me warnings when something bad is about to happen, to prepare me or to help me to avoid it. Thankfully, being a medium, I am more aware of the signs and communications from my Spirit team and I know how to interpret them, although if I am distracted with something in the Physical World, I can still easily not notice the sign. Everyone has a team of people working with them, and they have their own methods to let you know when something is amiss. Our Spirit teams also can help us with our everyday tasks. I was leaving work one day when someone came up to me because they saw that the barbers were closed, and he asked if he had popped out for some lunch or if he had closed for the day. Unfortunately, the barber had left early as it was a quiet day and the weather was beautiful and he wanted to make the most of it, when I explained this to the man his response was: "I knew I should have come earlier today!". His guides and helpers were trying to tell him and let him know, but he simply didn't act upon that feeling.

Karen Glaze: Ok, you know in a reading you can get someone come forward to enable others to follow.... Are these people mediums who have passed or those with a strong belief in spirit, or just a strong person?

When someone passes to the Spirit World, they can decide what they want to spend their time doing, some choose to simply tend to their gardens for the rest of eternity, others want to learn, grow, develop and work. Some people decide to be guides to help us in the Physical World. So occasionally you can ask your guides to help you to connect to someone in the Spirit World. To answer your question, Karen, that person could be a medium, they could have a strong belief in the communion of spirits and they could be a strong person. There's also the chance they may be none of these and it's just a task they've taken upon themselves.
Sometimes, it can be difficult for a spirit to come through in a message due to various reasons. I've had people who have come for readings want to hear from loved ones who have taken their own lives. It's an emotional thing for that person in spirit to do, because they know there's a lot of blame, guilt, and many other negative emotions, so understandably they are sometimes hesitant. When I was a teenager, a close friend of mine took his own life, and he has communicated with me many times since being in the Spirit World. It is quite likely that I will call upon him, despite not being a guide of mine, and ask him for his assistance with the message, as he can truly relate and understand and be able to explain things to me in a way I would never understand, to help me put across a beautiful and compassionate message. He was never a medium, although he did have a strong belief in the afterlife.

Not all of our guides are family members and people we knew in the Physical World, it can be absolutely anyone. Actually, it's quite uncommon for our family members to be guides, as they've got their own things they want to be doing. It just so happens I have a grandfather, who was a phenomenal medium, who wants to continue in his work with connecting the two worlds together. I have a monk who works with me, yet never speaks, he just stands and does what he needs to do. Many people have seen him, including myself, but he does not say a word. His face cannot be seen as he wears robes with his hood up, and although I've not been able to communicate with him, I sense that he works on guarding my energy to ensure I don't have any not-so-nice people interfering with my work, and also helps to keep my spiritual energy strong to ensure the messages remain clear.

Our Spirit teams are always there working away in the background, assisting and helping us with whatever they deem necessary, we still have our own freewill and can do as we choose, but our team will be there when we need them to be. This doesn't mean that they're constantly watching us though. So our "intimate times" are still private, but rest assured, you're never alone and you've always got someone listening when you need them to and you've always got someone there who understands.

Credit: Freeimages.com. Photographer: Dani Toth

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