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When Spirits Visit Your Dreams

30 January 2017

Freeimages.comAfter almost twelve years on my journey with the Spirit World, I am still surprised by the many different ways spirits can manifest and communicate. In my first blog, I talk about what communicating with spirits is like, and even though I know that every single connection with the Spirit World is unique and different, it doesn't stop me being awed by their ingenuity.
I have had so many experiences over the years that I could fill a book with stories, and I am sure everybody who reads this blog entry has had their own personal experiences. I've attended a few "paranormal investigations" and I've even been hired to be the medium at a couple of events. What I've always failed to mention to the people inviting me along to these events, is that I'm actually a big wimp. I cannot stand horror films, they terrify the life out of me (pun intended) and when the Spirit World start influencing the Physical World around me, I get just as spooked. A few years ago, a marketing company got in contact with me, and explained that the Dr Jenner Museum in Berkeley, Gloucestershire were planning on hosting a ghost hunt, and they felt that it would give the event some more authenticity to have a professional medium attend, so they invited my mother, Jill Carroll, and I. We had many experiences during the night and it was a truly amazing event that will stay with me forever. It is said that the attic is the most haunted place in the building, with reports from the BBC of a ghost captured on camera. At the end of the evening, we investigated the attic, and one group that came up with us were filming using specialist equipment. I was called over to the group and they shared with me that in this particular section in the attic, there were tapping sounds against the glass, and the sounds were responding to yes and no questions on cue. I always try to approach things sceptically, and considering the glass was an exterior window, I imagined that perhaps a branch was knocking against the glass, and it was simply coincidence. I decided to ask whatever spirit may be there to mimic my sounds on the glass and I gave a simple rhythm. Well, lo and behold, the rhythm was tapped back to me against the glass. I screamed in surprise, jumping backwards, when suddenly realising I was supposed to be professional, tried to pull it off smoothly.

I have to say though, the most touching experience I've ever had with the Spirit World was when shortly after a dear friend of mine took his own life in 2009. It was an extremely difficult for everybody as he was just seventeen years of age, and due to the circumstances of his death, there was a lot of bureaucracy meaning the funeral and memorial were put off for some time whilst investigations were ongoing. One night, about a week before the memorial, I dreamt that I was in a pew in a church that I did not recognise. I could hear organ music and there were a few other people in the church and we were sat waiting. I heard the door open behind me and I looked behind to see my friend entering the church. I was shocked as he came and sat beside my in the pew.
"What are you doing?" I asked, "you're dead?! This is your memorial service!". I looked around to see if I could spot any of his family members or a member of the church to stop the memorial.
My friend just smiled and looked at me and said "I'm okay, I'm not dead." I asked him where he had been over the last couple of weeks, and all he kept saying was that he was okay and that he hadn't died.
The dream was so realistic, I could hear his voice clearly and could feel him as he was sat next to me in the pew. When I awoke, I felt a little shaken, however a calm had settled over me. Of course, I had knowledge of the Spirit World, and I knew that he would have survived death.
Often, when someone passes over to the Spirit World, they return to visit their loved ones left behind in their dream-state, to let us know that they have arrived and they're safe and sound. I've heard many people recount their experiences, and like mine, it was such a comforting experience. It is perhaps the closest to being together again in physical. This is the only experience I have had like this, which I am sorry to say, as it is so special when a loved one crosses the realms to be with us once again.
I did have my doubts about the validity of my dream, due to the prolonging of the memorial and funeral, it was on my mind a lot, however, when eventually the memorial was organised and I attended, I was amazed to discover that the church in my dream, was in fact the church used for both the memorial and the funeral, and I had never been in that church before. Also, many of my classmates recounted stories of their own, where my friend visited them in their dreams and said the same thing. "I'm okay, I'm not dead."

I have recently had a Facebook friend contact me, as she too had a spirit visitation during her dreams. She dreamt of a friend who came to her and said "are you excited about tomorrow?". The next morning, she found out she was going to be having an emergency operation on her hand that she had previously broken. The dream creeped my friend out a little, which is why she came to me seeking advice, and I reassured her that the visitation was most likely designed to bring her comfort and reassurance that the operation would go smoothly.

The Spirit World can do some amazing things, and it's usually when we least expect it. We can ask of them to give us proof or signs, and they will try to do so, to let us know that they are still alive and life is eternal. The signs may not necessarily be exactly as we expect them, but our loved ones try their utmost to give you that proof. It has to be said though, having a visitation in a dream is perhaps the most precious form of communication. Let me know your experiences where you have had loved ones visit you in your dreams in the comments below.

Credit: Freeimages.com. Picture created by Aylin Toklutepe.

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