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Children Are Able To Commune With Spirits

03 July 2017

Freeimages.com/Gerbera-42451I remember vividly as a child being able to see spirits, but I didn't understand what was happening. All I knew was that there was a man who would sit on the top of our stairs, and would stare at me in the dark, or that footsteps would walk backwards and forwards outside of my bedroom door at night. I would often talk about "the man with the green eyes", as in the dark I would see these piercing eyes looking at me. When I would talk to my Mum about it, she (in typical spiritualist style) told me to just "tell him to go away", which is sound advice when there's a spirit bothering you, however my young five-year-old self just didn't understand. When I would tell my Dad about it, he would say the footsteps was the sound of the pipes cooling down. As I look back at these times, I know full well those sounds were not pipes, I was so convinced it was someone walking outside my bedroom door, that I would fling the door open, hoping to surprise whoever was behind it and tell them to leave me alone and let me sleep, to find no one on the other side.

Frankly, I found the whole experience terrifying.

Electrical toys would often turn on during the night and my remote control car's wheels would spin on their own, I even took the batteries out, but the wheels would keep spinning. I actually believe a lot of the activity was due to the house I was living in at the time, as my father often refers to that house as being a "strange house" and having a bad energy. As I grew older the experiences lessened, but we also moved house into a newer property, and I became an ordinary child until I discovered spiritualism and began developing my mediumship, and realising those experiences and understanding them from an entirely new perspective.

Like me, many mediums start seeing spirits at a young age.

It isn't at all uncommon for young children to be able to see spirits and commune and play with them. I'm not entirely certain as to why this is, but I believe as we get older we are told "there's no such thing as ghosts", or "you're too old for imaginary friends", or "it's all in your head", or "it's the pipes cooling". I also believe it's because not much time has passed for children since they left the Spirit World to be born into our world, and the connection is more intense. It's hard being a parent or guardian of a child who is chattering away with the thin air or chuckling away to themselves for no apparent reason, knowing how to respond or what to say, whether it's safe for a child to be in communication with the Spirit World or not, it's even hard for mediums sometimes. The first question parents ask me in these situations is: "Who are they speaking to?".
It can literally be anybody, from children who have passed over, or a family member or friend who's passed over. It is extremely rare for there to be a malevolent spirit, and it is more often than not family with them. If your child is scared or worried about the spirits who visit them, then it's wise to get in contact with your local spiritual church and seek out advice from experienced mediums. However, if they seem to be content then allow them to carry on with it. Speak to them about who they're talking to and what they're doing, and encourage it, allow them to express it, and don't tell them that they're "imagining it" because this can be very conflicting for a child who's certain of what they can see and hear, to be told by an adult they trust that none of it is real. It is most likely completely safe for your child to be connected with the Spirit World, but of course, if you're at all concerned, seek out experienced advice. Alternatively, if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Some children are more sensitive than others.

This can be in comparison to other family's children or even children within the same family. Some children are born with a closer connection to the Spirit World and are more sensitive to energies, and these children will have the ability to work as mediums in the future if they choose to, or they may choose to channel their gifts and abilities in a different career, perhaps as doctors, nurses etc. This sensitivity can sometimes be a problem, especially at night time. It's hard enough getting children to stay in bed and sleep the entire night, but when there's spirits coming in and out, it can become problematic. As a parent, you're in charge of the household. If you've found that your child is communing with spirits at night time, you have every right to set ground rules and tell them not to. You can either do this in your head, or speak out loud in your child's bedroom. Be aware that time operates different in the Spirit World, so you may need to set a rule of 'do not visit when the bedroom curtains are closed' to set those boundaries.

Ultimately, children who are able to play and communicate with those in the Spirit World are truly blessed, and it is such a gift for them to be able to receive love from those who have passed on. Remember that most of the time, it is family coming in to share the joy of new life within your home, so welcome them with open arms and see if they'll help with babysitting duties.

Credit: Freeimages.com Photographer: Gerla Brakkee.

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