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Communicating with Spirits is like...

14 March 2016

Communicating with spiritsWhenever a spirit wishes to communicate, I learn something new and valuable. No two communications are the same and I never know what to expect, as each and every spirit communicates differently. I suppose the same goes for those of us here in the physical world, we all communicate and express ourselves in our own unique ways and this doesn't change once you've crossed over to the next world. Thankfully, I have a fantastic team in the Spirit Realms, who I refer to as my guides and/or helpers, they work with me to help pass on messages from our loved ones using my own personal experiences and knowledge to help me to understand what it is they want to be communicated. What I've discovered on my journey, is that it's not just about me learning how to interpret Spirit's messages but also that my guides and helpers are learning how to communicate with me successfully. Everyone views the world differently and every medium works differently from one another, which is why our guides work closely with us when demonstrating. Many of those who know me, know that I am, let's say.... Uncomfortable, when it comes to dogs. They make me nervous (despite the fact that I've grown up around them!) and it's no different when I see them in spirit form. To me though, dogs are a sign of guidance, and if I were to be given a dog as a symbol, I would tell the person who I was giving a message to that: this is a time where Spirit are stepping in to help guide you through a difficult or hard part of your life, however, many other people absolutely adore dogs! They see them as unconditional love and fun, so for those people, a dog would mean exactly that! So when my guides work with me, they wouldn't use a dog to communicate fun and a big heart, as they know that I simply would not make that connection.

Mediumship is definitely a two-way thing. I have to listen closely (and most of the time I'm talking at the same time as listening) and interpret what is being shown to me with as much conviction and integrity as humanly possible, and my Spirit team and your loved ones work together to give me relevant symbols and feelings that I can accurately decipher and relay. Although, there are times when a spirit will manifest themselves by my side and speak to me clearly as if they were physically there in the room with me, that makes my job so much easier, however, as I said: every spirit communicates differently.

Communicating with spirits
This is perhaps one of the most frustrating and hardest things to experience for our loved ones who have crossed over. They want to step forwards and inform us that they're absolutely fine and that they've survived! They will try desperately to speak to you, and communicate with you, but when we receive those signs we often dismiss them as coincidence, our imagination or sometimes we don't even notice them and we ignore them. Interpreting these signs from the World of Spirit is no easy task, don't get me wrong! Mediums train for many, many years to try and understand what it is they're telling us, which is why mediums exist, to dedicate our lives to this art so that we can pass on our loved one's messages as clearly as we possibly can. Let's be honest though, their 4G is pretty diabolical.... Perhaps someone should get Steve Jobs onto this, no? Despite all these years of training and practising as a medium, the messages can still come across as hazy which is why we rely so strongly on our guides and helpers to give us the messages in a way that we would understand, because Joe Bloggs couldn't care less if I was scared of dogs, he just wants to tell his daughter that he loves her more than life itself.
It can take several years for a medium to feel like they truly understand what they're receiving and perhaps a few more years after that to feel comfortable and confident enough to pass on that message, there's nothing more terrifying than the thought of passing a message on incorrectly! It took me 5 years of studying before I dared to believe someone trusted me enough to pass on such beautiful and loving messages.
Our loved ones who are in the Spirit Realms really do want to communicate and show themselves to all of us, but it's easy for us to miss it. If you feel like you've received a sign from spirit, let them know! A delivery report, if you please, so that they know what's worked, even if you feel it could have been your imagination, just let them know you noticed it. Over time, they'll learn what works with you and you'll learn what they're capable of and eventually you'll be able to communicate more successfully.

Communicating with spirits

This is where it gets tricky when our helpers use our own experiences and understanding to pass on messages, because it becomes ever so easy to believe you're just imagining things. Even mediums, who have worked all their lives, will have moments where they question themselves, and that's because it's so illogical and surreal! What I've found that's worked for me is to go on a journey of self-discovery (cliché, perhaps), and figure out exactly who I am as a person and realise my views on life and the world as I know it. Before I deliberately choose to communicate with Spirit, I will spend some time listening to my body to see exactly how I feel. Am I tired? Am I hungry? Am I in a good mood? Do I hurt anywhere? This exercise has made me realise how much I'd be consciously oblivious to what my body was telling me, I'd notice an ache in the ball of my foot or a sharp shooting pain in my elbow that I was simply ignoring. With all this knowledge of who I am and how I feel, I'm now able to recognise anything "foreign". For example, let's say you've had a fabulous night's sleep and you've woken up feeling refreshed and ready to jump out of bed. You go to the kitchen and have a delicious, warm cup of coffee. Now, you'd expect to be feeling full of energy and ready to deal with what the day has to offer, but you don't, and you feel suddenly tired and lethargic. This would be something you wouldn't expect and therefore it's foreign, you'd realise that these sensations shouldn't be what you're feeling and that they don't actually belong to you, when in fact, they belong to a spirit trying to communicate. Then it's about having faith and trust that this is definitely the Spirit Realms attempting communication.

That. Or you have an allergy to caffeine or something...
More often than not, when we experience these unexpected sensations, as soon as we have passed the information on, those feelings disappear as quickly as they came on which gives us confirmation that it definitely wasn't our own bodies/minds telling us these things. This is also why many mediums will refuse to work if they're feeling ill or going through a hard time as it makes recognising what is theirs and what is Spirit's that much harder, simply because our heads would be in a state of confusion. This is why I stood back from working for Spirit over the past year, as I knew through this stressful time that I wouldn't know what were my own thoughts and concerns and what was Spirit's.

My grandfather was a working medium pretty much until his dying day (he sat in séances until he was hospitalised). He used to always say that you never stop learning when it came to mediumship and working with the World of Spirit. He was a practising medium for over 50 years! This thought is a tad terrifying, that there is so much to knowledge, but also so exciting that there is so much more to experience and discover. I may have communicated with thousands and thousands of different Spirits from all over the world, but never have two communications been the same and I know that none ever will.

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