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What happens to our soul when it's our time to cross over?

21 March 2016

FreeImages.com/poetprince-34223After connecting with thousands of different spirits from across the globe, you start learning some very interesting things! I don't mean people's private affairs, you nosey thing, I'm talking about what awaits us in the next world. Surprisingly, it's not a topic that often comes up, but when it does, I listen very attentively. Client confidentiality is extremely important to me, and I never discuss private details of someone's reading with other people, although, it's not a very difficult task, as I seldom remember what's been said in a reading. As soon as that client leaves or as soon as I finish a demonstration of mediumship and sit down, I've forgotten who in the Spirit World I have connected to and what they've told me, so if there's something particular that I want to retain for myself, I have to make a special effort. Of course, when a spirit talks about their experience of their passing and what happened next, I make that effort.
As I discussed in my previous blog, Communicating with Spirits is like..., every spirit is different and their experiences of crossing over into the Afterlife vary spirit to spirit, however, there's some recurring details giving me a slight insight into what happens to us when it's our time to leave this world.
No matter who you are, and what religion you follow, we all can cross over into the Spirit Realms (or if you'd rather: Heaven). A friend recently contacted me on Facebook explaining that their brother in law passed over, and he didn't have a belief in an afterlife, and she wondered if he would still be able to cross over. One of the Principles of Spiritualism is: Eternal Progress Open to Every Human Soul. No matter who you are, what you've done, where you've come from, you'll always be able to return to the Spirit Realms and continue living your life. Ok, he might have got a bit of a surprise considering his beliefs, but I'm sure every spirit will be pleased to know that they survived death. They will, most likely, have received help to cross over as well. When it's our time to go, our guides and helpers and loved ones who have already passed, gather around us. Many people talk about seeing their loved ones when they know it's their time to go and I hear countless stories from people day to day of their loved one's passing and how they were "talking to themselves" or saying that their parents, who had long passed, were standing by their bedside. There is every chance that we could get lost when our souls leave our body, so our guides are there to show us the way. They don't rush us, they don't start dragging our souls from our bodies, they simply stand and wait, watching and healing. When our soul finally breaks it's cord with our bodies, our guides hold out a hand, greet us and then lead us into the Spirit Realms.

Freeimages.com/juliaf-55850My Nan passed into the World of Spirit in July 2013, and her husband, my grandfather known as Pop, had passed in January 2009. On the night of my Nan's passing, my aunt had been telephoned by the hospital informing her that we should get there as soon as possible, as it was her time to go and she was soon crossing over. My aunt, my mum and I rushed straight to the hospital (12 miles away), however, when we arrived the nurses had informed us that she had just stopped breathing. When we entered the ward, the curtains were being closed around her body and I watched in amazement as her soul was leaving her body. I saw her stood by her bedside as my mum and aunt rushed to her body and grieved over her. The nurses closed the curtains around us to allow us privacy, and a few moments later, Pop stepped through the gap in the curtains. I smiled and acknowledged him, but he ignored me as he had an important task and couldn't allow himself to be distracted. He walked over to my Nan, took her by her hand, and together, they walked back towards the gap in the curtains and stepped through, connected once again and allowing their unconditional love for each other to burn forevermore. I immediately told my mum that she was now at rest and had crossed over, and explained what I witnessed which brought peace to both my aunt and my mother.

Listening to the accounts of various spirits, they talk about how suddenly they felt at peace and they could see the faces of their loved ones who had passed before them. They described how they would talk for a while and have a catch up, they'd embrace and once again be with them. Unfortunately, the way some people pass is tragic and sometimes they are in a great deal of pain, mentally and physically. When they arrive to the Spirit World, it's not always clear that they no longer have those pains, and that they no longer have their body, and they can still be hurting as their suffering was so great, it's imprinted on them psychologically. There is a place in the Next World, that I only know as the Halls of Healing (it is known by many other names but this is the name Spirit use with me when talking about it), which is essentially a hospital where many, many new spirits go; to come to terms with their passing and to receive the necessary healing, to help them let go of the pains they still believe they have and to help them heal their minds. The Halls of Healing have very strict rules and regulations and I do not know exactly what goes on there or what the practises involve, as it is very secretive. There is very little communication that comes in and out of the Halls of Healing, and once a spirit arrives there to receive healing, it is very unlikely for them to contact us on the Physical World until they have been discharged. Many people I have spoken to often tell me of a time where their loved ones send loads of signs and appear in dreams when they first pass, to let them know they've arrived safely, then suddenly they hear nothing for weeks and weeks and not even feel their presence. This is because during their healing process, they must focus on just themselves and they cannot be distracted. During this process, the spirit will look at their entire life with an unbiased view, and see all the things that they have learned and discovered during their pathway, this is when they decide what they'd like to do next with their life. They are also taught how to adapt to no longer having a body, and once they're ready, they're shown the ropes and given a tour of the Spirit Realms. As soon as they're free of their pain and suffering, our loved ones tend to make contact again, to reassure us that they are at peace (and perhaps to have a little gossip).

When a spirit has settled into the Afterlife, they can choose to do whatever takes their fancy. To have a little cottage in the countryside with a beautiful garden and roses around the door, or to study and learn more, it is completely up to them. Some people just want to rest forevermore, however, for many this gets a little boring and they want to progress. Many people learn how to become guides and helpers, some learn how to assist in helping others cross into the Spirit Realms. The possibilities are endless.

One thing that is for certain though, once our loved one has crossed, they are only just a thought away and will hear you when you ask for them. They'll never be far and will most likely pop in visit you on occasion and their love for you will remain the same.

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