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Does Hell Exist?

13 June 2016

All over the world we heard about the terrorist attack in Pulse, the club in Orlando, USA, where a gunman killed 49 people and seriously injured 53 before walking outside shooting at officers and being shot dead himself. I was truly heartbroken and at a loss for words, as more and more stories are coming to light everyday of mass killings and acts of terror. When I hear of fellow humans destroying the lives of other humans like this, I always ask my Spirit team if there will be retribution for their evil deeds, in the Spirit World.
In my previous blog, I talked about what happens to our soul when it's our time to cross over. I was brought up as a Catholic, so I have this preconception of a heaven and a hell. I envisage a dark, fiery pit with a demon-man there to ensure that we atone for each and every one of our misdeeds. However, I am informed by my Spirit team that isn't quite what happens in the Next World.

Spiritualists all across the UK follow the Seven Principles of Spiritualism, which were given to us through Emma Hardinge Britten's mediumship. The sixth principle states "compensation and retribution hereafter for all the good and evil deeds done on Earth." This tells us that there will always be cause and effect. Whatever actions we take and whatever decisions we make will always have consequence, whether they are good or bad. Some people like to call this karma, others just know it as the law of the universe. This is also recognised in the Spirit World, our deaths from our earthly bodies does not purge us of our decisions, we carry our life lessons deep within our souls. Some religions believe that confessing our sins frees our souls from these burdens, or that death is a rebirth into the Afterlife and therefore we start afresh. This isn't the case as everything needs balance.

When we cross over, we are greeted by our loved ones and/or spirit guides and helpers who guide us to the Halls of Healing. This goes for every spirit that passes, no matter who you are or where you've come from. Little is known about the Halls of Healing, except that this is the place where you release your physical, emotional and mental pain, and become accustomed to the new experience of living in the Spirit World. As I mentioned in my previous blog, the process of healing involves viewing your entire life with an unbiased view from start to finish. Every decision you've made, every person you've made smile, every hurt you've caused and every decision you could have possibly made. This takes a long time and it is a difficult process for many, to have a clear understanding of the impact of your life. For some, it is enlightening and comforting, however, I am told for those who have caused much pain and suffering, this is a difficult process to undertake, and to have a sudden understanding of the damage you've caused can be somewhat torturous. You unpick everything and unravel all life lessons, and discoveries, and you are able to truly understand yourself. During this time we can re-asses those decisions and discover what we might have done differently.
Once the healing process has finished, we decide what we want to do with our lives, with a brand new understanding of who we are and what we brought to the world. We are not met with a divine judgement, St Peter isn't stood there with a cane, we must judge ourselves, with the help of our guides and helpers. Most people are reunited with their families and go on to live happily for the rest of eternity, however, in some cases such as the gunman, Omar Mateen, in Orlando, they decide on a different course. The healing process for someone who has caused extreme pain and suffering, will be a longer and much more difficult process for them, and they will spend a large amount of time in the Halls of Healing, feeling and experiencing all the hurt they have caused. After an experience like that, many people decide to punish themselves further, as they no longer feel that they are deserving of a comfortable life in the World of Spirit, but instead choose to imprison themselves in a dark place. I have only ever heard of this place referred to as the Nether Regions, which is another term for hell, and there is very little I know of this place due to my work being mainly with spirits of love and light. I do know, however, that it is not a place that you'd put yourself in lightly. It's not a fiery pit, and there's no demon-man there, but a very dark, very cold place that is full of negativity, despair and hopelessness. There are teams in the Spirit World and Physical World alike, who dedicate their time to visit the Nether Regions to help souls who have trapped themselves wrongly, or who have received their retribution, and to help them ascend to lighter plains of the Spirit World.
The seventh principle of Spiritualism states "eternal progress open to every soul", meaning that no matter what you've done, you can always grow and develop as a person. No matter how evil you've been, you can make amends, although, I'm sure it will be a very, very long time until Omar Mateen ascends.

So when I ask my Spirit team if there will be retribution for terrorist's evil deeds, in the Spirit World, they assure me that that person will be given true, unconditional love, and that they will either find it too painful to bare and torment themselves until they can release themselves of the evil they have inflicted, or they will act in service, for as long as their souls feel necessary, to make amends.

Credit: Freeimages.com. Photographer: Chris Whiteside

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