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Can Spirits Redesign Your Home, Like in the Movies?

20 June 2016

Photographer: Erik bij de VaateConsidering I'm a clairvoyant medium, it's probably odd to hear me say this: I really do not like horror or scary films. I hate the feeling when you're sat there and the music goes all intense and you just KNOW the film is going to make you jump out of your seat and scream, and look terribly silly in the process. There are many, many movies out there telling ghost stories, and there's a large amount of films based on true stories. Due to so many stories being told, it's easy to forget that what we see in the movies isn't real, especially the movies that are based on real events. One of the main reasons I don't like scary ghost films, is because I know spirit's true capability.

If I were to write a list of FAQs I get from people when they discover that I'm a medium, one of the questions I'd put on it would be "Can spirits really move stuff around, like in the movies?". I like to split that question in two when people ask me it. "Can spirits really move stuff around" - absolutely. I have seen it with my own eyes. "Like in the movies" - afraid not. Movies exaggerate the stories and experiences big time. They want more scares and they want it bigger and terrifying because that's what people want when they see these films, and that's what sells tickets.

When I first discovered spiritualism and mediumship, I was invited to sit in a closed circle, which is essentially a séance where only those invited are allowed to attend, and the same people turn up every week and work in aid of Spirit. This is where my grandfather taught me almost everything I know. We worked hard with Spirit and we also had some experiments to see what spirits were capable of doing. The one experiment that always amazes me is table tipping. The participants of the circle would place a table, preferably; a large, heavy, wooden table, in the centre of the room, and the members of the circle would sit around it. Each person would place the tips of their fingers on the top of the table. It was imperative the members would sit with just their finger tips gently touching, to ensure there was no foul play. Then the leader of the circle would invite any spirits present to come forwards and use the energy of those in the circle to move the table. Sometimes, it barely even quivered, so it took a lot of patience and a lot of just sitting and waiting, however, when Spirit built up the energy and had the inclination to do it, the table would move in some amazing ways. I have fond memories of chasing a heavy table around a room, as it moved quickly with people lightly touching the top and also witnessing the table floating completely off of the ground. This is called physical mediumship, where the Spirit World will give evidence of their existence by making physical things happening, using the energy of the mediums in the room.
Spirit can also move small objects around, and sometimes play deliberate tricks on us if they're the mischievous type. Often keys will go missing, when you know for ABSOLUTE certainty that you left them on the table where you always leave them. Many people see first hand, things moving around their house, objects getting knocked off the mantelpiece, ornaments flying across a room. Why do spirits do this? They're not trying to scare us, or haunt us as movies would depict, but they're simply trying to get our attention. They want us to know they're still around and that they're with us. Most importantly, they want us to know that they're still alive! Just without a body... As I've already said, sometimes they do it for their own entertainment to see our reaction. Spirit children are notorious for playing mischievous games with us from the Spirit World. I talk more about that in my previous blog "Children Grow and Develop in the Spirit World too".
You won't find yourself being dragged from your bed at 3am, down into the basement and possessed by a demon to go and kill your husband. It's just not as exciting as that! (thankfully) Spirit don't invade our personal space, they're not interested in grabbing you, or knocking you down the stairs, unless your mother in law has passed over and she heard you call her all those names... I joke (maybe). They don't want to freak us out, they are our friends and family after all. They can brush our face or play with our hair, but they don't tend to be invasive.

It takes Spirit an immense amount of energy and effort to affect the physical world in a physical way. They have to really have a strong inclination for interior design to start reorganising the furniture in your home. It isn't very common, and is very unlikely, I'm terribly sorry if I've disappointed you, but it isn't completely impossible.
If you're concerned that you might be haunted, and you're experiencing some severe paranormal experiences in your home, then I highly recommend you contact your local spiritualist church or a reputable medium who is experienced in these matters.

Credit: Erik bij de Vaate.

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