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Christmas is a Time of Family and Spirits (not the alcoholic type!)

25 December 2016

Image by Kubovics RóbertChristmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Well. For some. I've always been a huge Christmas lover, I wear the Christmas hat, I demand that Christmas songs are on 24/7, I love getting the presents and then getting very, very merry on Christmas Day. However, I'm not really feeling it this year. As some of you know, my grandmother, whom I was very close to, passed away 3 weeks ago. She had been suffering with dementia for a number of years, and I am now happy that she's returned to the Spirit World with her husband, sound of mind and able bodied once more, despite this though, it's still difficult losing that physical aspect with someone. Every year, I would spend Christmas morning with my father, my mother would pick me up around midday and we would go around to my aunt's where my Grandma spent her Christmas, and we would spend time together, exchange gifts and have a wonderful time, before continuing on to my mother's house and spending Christmas there.
When my grandma was diagnosed with dementia, this tradition didn't change much, except that every Christmas after, my grandmother struggled more and more recalling who I was. Two years ago, I moved away from Bristol in the South West of England to Sunderland in the North East of England (just over 300 miles away), and my first Christmas away was my hardest, when I phoned my Grandma, she really did not know who she was speaking to. For all she knew, I was trying to sell her travel insurance. I found this really upsetting, but I still felt it was necessary and I did the same again last year.
This year is going to be harder for me, because I won't even have that awkward phone call and trying to find conversation with someone who thought I was a complete stranger. I miss my Grandma terribly so I am finding this a struggle. My Christmas hat isn't as shiny, the Christmas CDs needed dusting off yesterday and I've only just finished wrapping the presents a couple of days ago. I'm not the only one who's feeling this way, as there are so many people around the globe with empty place settings at the table. This time of year is so difficult for those of us who feel that the house isn't as busy as it should be and there are less gifts under the tree due to less people receiving them. I've already felt tearful as we've celebrated joyously, and I've felt guilty that my Grandma cannot be apart of those festivities.

This week, I was invited to a spiritualist church in South Shields, Sunderland to participate in their Christmas special service where we sung carols and invited Spirit in, and I demonstrated mediumship bringing through people's loved ones. Whenever I connect to the Spirit World at this time of year, I always notice how many people are wanting to come through. Usually, there's one, maybe two people. This time of year I find three, four sometimes five people all connecting to my energy, desperate to pass on their message and wish their loved ones a merry Christmas. It can be quite confusing, as a medium, to try and listen to all of those people at once and repeat what they're saying. This service wasn't any different. Spirit after spirit after spirit connected with me, brought in a lot of laughter and a lot of love with many Christmas wishes. As I've discussed in my previous blogs, I seldom remember a message once I've given it, as it's not my message, however I can remember clearly the last message of the evening. A gentleman stepped forward and wanted to connect in with a lady at the back of the room, as I asked the lady if I could work with her, I noticed lights of energy arch across to two other people and I realised this message was for all three of them. The most significant and striking thing feature of this gentleman was what he was wearing: a full Santa suit, beard included. I burst out laughing and trying to explain through my laughter what I was seeing, and instantly, the three ladies recognised this gentleman. It was the father of the first lady I spoke to, and he came with a large sack of gifts. He wanted to let his family know that despite the fact he's passed, he'll still be with them on Christmas day, he would not miss the occasion and even though there would be an empty place at the table, he would be sat in the chair in Spirit. This would be their first Christmas without this wonderful man in physical, he most certainly wasn't going to miss the occasion, something like death wouldn't stop him.

This gentleman won't be the only one. Our loved ones who have passed still wish to celebrate with us, they may not be able to get merry from the sherry, but they'll most certainly be with us, laugh with us, sing with us and dance with us. They'll be watching with glee as we share gifts and they'll be by our sides for every moment. They'll miss us as terribly as we miss them, but they'll not miss the day. One of the few bonuses of not being physically with us though, is that they won't be involved in the arguments over Monopoly.
I am sure my Grandma will be with me today, and I will be keeping her in my thoughts and wishing her a merry Christmas. Unfortunately, when I drink alcohol, my guides shut down my connection with the Spirit World (you should never mix your spirits!), so I won't be able to sense her presence come lunch time, but even though I won't sense her there, I'll know within my heart that she is.

You don't have to be a medium to have your loved ones who have passed come in at Christmas time, today, spend some time remembering those who are no longer in the physical with us. You may not be able to see, sense, hear or touch them, but rest assured that doesn't mean that they're not there. Look out for signs today, an ornament coming off of the tree, an unexpected smell, a feeling of something brushing against you. If they can, your loved ones will give you that sign. Just remember though, they may not be able to give us a sign, but they are within our hearts.

Whether you find Christmas difficult, or you immerse yourself in the activities full of joy and Christmas cheer, I really do hope you have a special and magical day. There is a lot of activity in the World of Spirit and there is a lot of Christmas love being sent from them to us.
Merry Christmas to you all from me and my guides and I really, really do wish that you have an amazing 2017.

I shall be back with you in January with brand new blogs!
Aaron Naughton and Megan Naughton
I dedicate today's Christmas blog to my Grandmother, Margaret (Megan) Naughton. Now you have your wings, fly forever.
Credit: Freeimages.com. Photographer: Kubovics Robert

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