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Parlez-Vous Spirit? When Spirits Cannot Speak English

07 August 2017

Spirits Who Cannot Speak EnglishLanguage is a human construct that has allowed us to be able to communicate fluently with fellow human-kind, which, I believe, sets us aside from the other animals we share this planet with. We can express our emotions and experiences eloquently using the power of words, and we can heal and destroy with them too.

"We are all spirits, having human experiences".

I adore this quote as it resonates closely with me and my beliefs. Our bodies are simply vehicles that allow us to travel around the Physical World and experience our lives as fully fledged human beings. There are some experiences that are wholly unique to this world, and some experiences that are unique to the Spirit World. I often encourage people to live in the moment and to grab at opportunities and their dreams whilst they still can. In the Spirit World you'll have a whole host of new opportunities available to you, such as aiding people as spirit guides, or haunting your enemies cough I mean; learning more about philosophy and life. When you get to the Spirit World, you will be shedding your human body and you will no longer have that physical body and the essence of you will be energy.

Life is short.

As cliché as it sounds, life is incredibly short in comparison to the eternity the Spirit World offers us. We really need to make the most of our human experience whilst we're still here and have the chance and the ability. This is why I have applied to study a joint honours degree this September in French and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Language is purely a human experience, we invented language to help us to differentiate subtleties to one another and this isn't required in the Spirit World. When we are just energy, we communicate with energy. We impress upon each other what we wish to communicate and we share our emotions and feelings about certain instances. This is also true in mediumship.

I was giving a demonstration of mediumship in Chippenham a number of years ago, and I was connected to a gentleman in the Spirit World who wished to communicate with a lady in the front row. For the first half of the message the lady understood and knew who the gentleman was as I described his physical features and personality in detail, I then moved on to tell her what his message was, the lady began to look very confused so I asked if she could understand the message.

"No, he couldn't speak English. He only spoke Welsh."

It was at that moment that I realised how unimportant language was to those in the Spirit World and that they had no use for it, but instead to impress upon me various images, scenes, symbology and emotions, almost like telepathy. This doesn't mean that spirits never use language, as often in messages I am given an exact phrase to give or I'm asked to word something in a particular way, but words are not important. I can communicate with any spirit no matter what language they spoke when they were in the Physical World, and Spirit use my own experiences and knowledge to be able to communicate their point to me instead of using language (which is a shame, because it would be really handy if a French spirit could help me with my exams).

In my previous blog I talked about children being able to communicate with spirits, and how to ask those in the Spirit World to not play with your children in the Physical World during the night. " You can either do this in your head, or speak out loud in your child's bedroom." If you direct your thought to those in the Spirit World they can hear you as you project your own feelings, images and symbology to them. The way spirits communicate works both ways, as long as you hold them in your mind to send your thoughts to them (They're not privy to all of your thoughts, especially the naughty ones!). So it is not entirely necessary to speak aloud to a seemingly empty room.

I want to be able to give readings in other languages.

This is a dream of mine, as I want to be accessible to more people across the world, which is why I am planning on attending university in September. This is one of the human experiences I want to explore during my time here in the Physical World, but it doesn't matter how many languages I can speak, if a spirit wants to get a message across, they will.

Don't forget, tick things off your bucket list while you still can!


Children Are Able To Commune With Spirits

03 July 2017

Freeimages.com/Gerbera-42451I remember vividly as a child being able to see spirits, but I didn't understand what was happening. All I knew was that there was a man who would sit on the top of our stairs, and would stare at me in the dark, or that footsteps would walk backwards and forwards outside of my bedroom door at night. I would often talk about "the man with the green eyes", as in the dark I would see these piercing eyes looking at me. When I would talk to my Mum about it, she (in typical spiritualist style) told me to just "tell him to go away", which is sound advice when there's a spirit bothering you, however my young five-year-old self just didn't understand. When I would tell my Dad about it, he would say the footsteps was the sound of the pipes cooling down. As I look back at these times, I know full well those sounds were not pipes, I was so convinced it was someone walking outside my bedroom door, that I would fling the door open, hoping to surprise whoever was behind it and tell them to leave me alone and let me sleep, to find no one on the other side.

Frankly, I found the whole experience terrifying.

Electrical toys would often turn on during the night and my remote control car's wheels would spin on their own, I even took the batteries out, but the wheels would keep spinning. I actually believe a lot of the activity was due to the house I was living in at the time, as my father often refers to that house as being a "strange house" and having a bad energy. As I grew older the experiences lessened, but we also moved house into a newer property, and I became an ordinary child until I discovered spiritualism and began developing my mediumship, and realising those experiences and understanding them from an entirely new perspective.

Like me, many mediums start seeing spirits at a young age.

It isn't at all uncommon for young children to be able to see spirits and commune and play with them. I'm not entirely certain as to why this is, but I believe as we get older we are told "there's no such thing as ghosts", or "you're too old for imaginary friends", or "it's all in your head", or "it's the pipes cooling". I also believe it's because not much time has passed for children since they left the Spirit World to be born into our world, and the connection is more intense. It's hard being a parent or guardian of a child who is chattering away with the thin air or chuckling away to themselves for no apparent reason, knowing how to respond or what to say, whether it's safe for a child to be in communication with the Spirit World or not, it's even hard for mediums sometimes. The first question parents ask me in these situations is: "Who are they speaking to?".
It can literally be anybody, from children who have passed over, or a family member or friend who's passed over. It is extremely rare for there to be a malevolent spirit, and it is more often than not family with them. If your child is scared or worried about the spirits who visit them, then it's wise to get in contact with your local spiritual church and seek out advice from experienced mediums. However, if they seem to be content then allow them to carry on with it. Speak to them about who they're talking to and what they're doing, and encourage it, allow them to express it, and don't tell them that they're "imagining it" because this can be very conflicting for a child who's certain of what they can see and hear, to be told by an adult they trust that none of it is real. It is most likely completely safe for your child to be connected with the Spirit World, but of course, if you're at all concerned, seek out experienced advice. Alternatively, if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Some children are more sensitive than others.

This can be in comparison to other family's children or even children within the same family. Some children are born with a closer connection to the Spirit World and are more sensitive to energies, and these children will have the ability to work as mediums in the future if they choose to, or they may choose to channel their gifts and abilities in a different career, perhaps as doctors, nurses etc. This sensitivity can sometimes be a problem, especially at night time. It's hard enough getting children to stay in bed and sleep the entire night, but when there's spirits coming in and out, it can become problematic. As a parent, you're in charge of the household. If you've found that your child is communing with spirits at night time, you have every right to set ground rules and tell them not to. You can either do this in your head, or speak out loud in your child's bedroom. Be aware that time operates different in the Spirit World, so you may need to set a rule of 'do not visit when the bedroom curtains are closed' to set those boundaries.

Ultimately, children who are able to play and communicate with those in the Spirit World are truly blessed, and it is such a gift for them to be able to receive love from those who have passed on. Remember that most of the time, it is family coming in to share the joy of new life within your home, so welcome them with open arms and see if they'll help with babysitting duties.

Credit: Freeimages.com Photographer: Gerla Brakkee.


When Spirits Visit Your Dreams

30 January 2017

Freeimages.comAfter almost twelve years on my journey with the Spirit World, I am still surprised by the many different ways spirits can manifest and communicate. In my first blog, I talk about what communicating with spirits is like, and even though I know that every single connection with the Spirit World is unique and different, it doesn't stop me being awed by their ingenuity.
I have had so many experiences over the years that I could fill a book with stories, and I am sure everybody who reads this blog entry has had their own personal experiences. I've attended a few "paranormal investigations" and I've even been hired to be the medium at a couple of events. What I've always failed to mention to the people inviting me along to these events, is that I'm actually a big wimp. I cannot stand horror films, they terrify the life out of me (pun intended) and when the Spirit World start influencing the Physical World around me, I get just as spooked. A few years ago, a marketing company got in contact with me, and explained that the Dr Jenner Museum in Berkeley, Gloucestershire were planning on hosting a ghost hunt, and they felt that it would give the event some more authenticity to have a professional medium attend, so they invited my mother, Jill Carroll, and I. We had many experiences during the night and it was a truly amazing event that will stay with me forever. It is said that the attic is the most haunted place in the building, with reports from the BBC of a ghost captured on camera. At the end of the evening, we investigated the attic, and one group that came up with us were filming using specialist equipment. I was called over to the group and they shared with me that in this particular section in the attic, there were tapping sounds against the glass, and the sounds were responding to yes and no questions on cue. I always try to approach things sceptically, and considering the glass was an exterior window, I imagined that perhaps a branch was knocking against the glass, and it was simply coincidence. I decided to ask whatever spirit may be there to mimic my sounds on the glass and I gave a simple rhythm. Well, lo and behold, the rhythm was tapped back to me against the glass. I screamed in surprise, jumping backwards, when suddenly realising I was supposed to be professional, tried to pull it off smoothly.

I have to say though, the most touching experience I've ever had with the Spirit World was when shortly after a dear friend of mine took his own life in 2009. It was an extremely difficult for everybody as he was just seventeen years of age, and due to the circumstances of his death, there was a lot of bureaucracy meaning the funeral and memorial were put off for some time whilst investigations were ongoing. One night, about a week before the memorial, I dreamt that I was in a pew in a church that I did not recognise. I could hear organ music and there were a few other people in the church and we were sat waiting. I heard the door open behind me and I looked behind to see my friend entering the church. I was shocked as he came and sat beside my in the pew.
"What are you doing?" I asked, "you're dead?! This is your memorial service!". I looked around to see if I could spot any of his family members or a member of the church to stop the memorial.
My friend just smiled and looked at me and said "I'm okay, I'm not dead." I asked him where he had been over the last couple of weeks, and all he kept saying was that he was okay and that he hadn't died.
The dream was so realistic, I could hear his voice clearly and could feel him as he was sat next to me in the pew. When I awoke, I felt a little shaken, however a calm had settled over me. Of course, I had knowledge of the Spirit World, and I knew that he would have survived death.
Often, when someone passes over to the Spirit World, they return to visit their loved ones left behind in their dream-state, to let us know that they have arrived and they're safe and sound. I've heard many people recount their experiences, and like mine, it was such a comforting experience. It is perhaps the closest to being together again in physical. This is the only experience I have had like this, which I am sorry to say, as it is so special when a loved one crosses the realms to be with us once again.
I did have my doubts about the validity of my dream, due to the prolonging of the memorial and funeral, it was on my mind a lot, however, when eventually the memorial was organised and I attended, I was amazed to discover that the church in my dream, was in fact the church used for both the memorial and the funeral, and I had never been in that church before. Also, many of my classmates recounted stories of their own, where my friend visited them in their dreams and said the same thing. "I'm okay, I'm not dead."

I have recently had a Facebook friend contact me, as she too had a spirit visitation during her dreams. She dreamt of a friend who came to her and said "are you excited about tomorrow?". The next morning, she found out she was going to be having an emergency operation on her hand that she had previously broken. The dream creeped my friend out a little, which is why she came to me seeking advice, and I reassured her that the visitation was most likely designed to bring her comfort and reassurance that the operation would go smoothly.

The Spirit World can do some amazing things, and it's usually when we least expect it. We can ask of them to give us proof or signs, and they will try to do so, to let us know that they are still alive and life is eternal. The signs may not necessarily be exactly as we expect them, but our loved ones try their utmost to give you that proof. It has to be said though, having a visitation in a dream is perhaps the most precious form of communication. Let me know your experiences where you have had loved ones visit you in your dreams in the comments below.

Credit: Freeimages.com. Picture created by Aylin Toklutepe.


Christmas is a Time of Family and Spirits (not the alcoholic type!)

25 December 2016

Image by Kubovics RóbertChristmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Well. For some. I've always been a huge Christmas lover, I wear the Christmas hat, I demand that Christmas songs are on 24/7, I love getting the presents and then getting very, very merry on Christmas Day. However, I'm not really feeling it this year. As some of you know, my grandmother, whom I was very close to, passed away 3 weeks ago. She had been suffering with dementia for a number of years, and I am now happy that she's returned to the Spirit World with her husband, sound of mind and able bodied once more, despite this though, it's still difficult losing that physical aspect with someone. Every year, I would spend Christmas morning with my father, my mother would pick me up around midday and we would go around to my aunt's where my Grandma spent her Christmas, and we would spend time together, exchange gifts and have a wonderful time, before continuing on to my mother's house and spending Christmas there.
When my grandma was diagnosed with dementia, this tradition didn't change much, except that every Christmas after, my grandmother struggled more and more recalling who I was. Two years ago, I moved away from Bristol in the South West of England to Sunderland in the North East of England (just over 300 miles away), and my first Christmas away was my hardest, when I phoned my Grandma, she really did not know who she was speaking to. For all she knew, I was trying to sell her travel insurance. I found this really upsetting, but I still felt it was necessary and I did the same again last year.
This year is going to be harder for me, because I won't even have that awkward phone call and trying to find conversation with someone who thought I was a complete stranger. I miss my Grandma terribly so I am finding this a struggle. My Christmas hat isn't as shiny, the Christmas CDs needed dusting off yesterday and I've only just finished wrapping the presents a couple of days ago. I'm not the only one who's feeling this way, as there are so many people around the globe with empty place settings at the table. This time of year is so difficult for those of us who feel that the house isn't as busy as it should be and there are less gifts under the tree due to less people receiving them. I've already felt tearful as we've celebrated joyously, and I've felt guilty that my Grandma cannot be apart of those festivities.

This week, I was invited to a spiritualist church in South Shields, Sunderland to participate in their Christmas special service where we sung carols and invited Spirit in, and I demonstrated mediumship bringing through people's loved ones. Whenever I connect to the Spirit World at this time of year, I always notice how many people are wanting to come through. Usually, there's one, maybe two people. This time of year I find three, four sometimes five people all connecting to my energy, desperate to pass on their message and wish their loved ones a merry Christmas. It can be quite confusing, as a medium, to try and listen to all of those people at once and repeat what they're saying. This service wasn't any different. Spirit after spirit after spirit connected with me, brought in a lot of laughter and a lot of love with many Christmas wishes. As I've discussed in my previous blogs, I seldom remember a message once I've given it, as it's not my message, however I can remember clearly the last message of the evening. A gentleman stepped forward and wanted to connect in with a lady at the back of the room, as I asked the lady if I could work with her, I noticed lights of energy arch across to two other people and I realised this message was for all three of them. The most significant and striking thing feature of this gentleman was what he was wearing: a full Santa suit, beard included. I burst out laughing and trying to explain through my laughter what I was seeing, and instantly, the three ladies recognised this gentleman. It was the father of the first lady I spoke to, and he came with a large sack of gifts. He wanted to let his family know that despite the fact he's passed, he'll still be with them on Christmas day, he would not miss the occasion and even though there would be an empty place at the table, he would be sat in the chair in Spirit. This would be their first Christmas without this wonderful man in physical, he most certainly wasn't going to miss the occasion, something like death wouldn't stop him.

This gentleman won't be the only one. Our loved ones who have passed still wish to celebrate with us, they may not be able to get merry from the sherry, but they'll most certainly be with us, laugh with us, sing with us and dance with us. They'll be watching with glee as we share gifts and they'll be by our sides for every moment. They'll miss us as terribly as we miss them, but they'll not miss the day. One of the few bonuses of not being physically with us though, is that they won't be involved in the arguments over Monopoly.
I am sure my Grandma will be with me today, and I will be keeping her in my thoughts and wishing her a merry Christmas. Unfortunately, when I drink alcohol, my guides shut down my connection with the Spirit World (you should never mix your spirits!), so I won't be able to sense her presence come lunch time, but even though I won't sense her there, I'll know within my heart that she is.

You don't have to be a medium to have your loved ones who have passed come in at Christmas time, today, spend some time remembering those who are no longer in the physical with us. You may not be able to see, sense, hear or touch them, but rest assured that doesn't mean that they're not there. Look out for signs today, an ornament coming off of the tree, an unexpected smell, a feeling of something brushing against you. If they can, your loved ones will give you that sign. Just remember though, they may not be able to give us a sign, but they are within our hearts.

Whether you find Christmas difficult, or you immerse yourself in the activities full of joy and Christmas cheer, I really do hope you have a special and magical day. There is a lot of activity in the World of Spirit and there is a lot of Christmas love being sent from them to us.
Merry Christmas to you all from me and my guides and I really, really do wish that you have an amazing 2017.

I shall be back with you in January with brand new blogs!
Aaron Naughton and Megan Naughton
I dedicate today's Christmas blog to my Grandmother, Margaret (Megan) Naughton. Now you have your wings, fly forever.
Credit: Freeimages.com. Photographer: Kubovics Robert


I've Been Here Before... Reincarnation and Spiritualism

05 September 2016

Photographer: FreeImages.com / Asif AkbarOne of my favourite things about Spiritualism and mediumship is the fluidity of the movement. Spiritualists follow seven principles, however, outside of those principles, pretty much anything goes. Many people adopt various parts of different religions and cultures and choose to follow them alongside their spiritualist beliefs. One of the most common concepts that modern spiritualists have take on board is reincarnation. Reincarnation is a philosophical belief that many religions hold, and it has been found in many ancient cultures, it is the belief that when we leave our physical bodies, we are reborn into another form, whether that's another human or a different creature, that's up for interpretation.
Personally, I like think of myself as a skeptical medium, I don't label myself as a Spiritualist and I avoid following a set religion. I have a very open mind to all beliefs and concepts, however, I like to investigate and experience those beliefs for myself before adopting them as my own. It's very rare for me to accept someone else's belief as fact without my own investigation, so when it comes to reincarnation, I am still very much on the fence. I know many, many people who have had personal experiences with reincarnation, from retaining memories from their previous lives to experiencing their past lives in hypnotherapy, and I am most certainly not disparaging those experiences, I'm simply retaining an open mind. Where I was taught by my grandfather, a lot of my values in mediumship are very "old school" and traditional, and believing in reincarnation is very new age when it comes to movements like spiritualism.
So where does reincarnation fit in with spiritualism? Perhaps one of, if not, the most important principles of spiritualism is the third one: "The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels". Which tells us that there is an Afterlife and we are able to communicate with them. As discussed in my previous blog, when it's our time to cross over we eventually reach the point where we decide what we wish to do for the rest of eternity, whether that's sitting and relaxing on a beach somewhere or train to be a spirit guide to help assist people and fellow spirits progress in their lives, it's completely up to that individual. Some people wish to reincarnate and return back to the earth (or another habitable planet). This is a lengthy process, that takes a lot of preparation and time to organise. When a person decides to reincarnate, they spend time with their main guide/helper and discuss the reasons why and what they wish to achieve with another life. Once all the details have been figured out, they approach the Ministry of Angels who ultimately decide whether or not they will allow a reincarnation and when the reincarnation shall take place. A substantial amount of time has to have passed before someone returns, allowing any person and/or relative who knew the person to have returned to the Spirit World themselves.
There are many reasons a person may wish to reincarnate, one of the main being that they may not have fulfilled their soul contract. Before a spirit is born into the Physical World, they spend time with their guides and helpers and organise what they want to achieve with their lives and the life lessons they want to face. Those really hard times you've been through? You chose them before being born, to learn the lessons you've learned. Although we have complete free will, we have chosen a rough pathway to walk, and sometimes, we don't always learn the lessons we're supposed to and, therefore, not fulfilling that soul contract. These are lessons we can go on to learn in the Spirit World, but sometimes, being in the Physical is a true test of our soul. Once again, the spirit will sit with their guides and helpers and discuss what pathway they wish to take when they've returned to the Physical to help them learn those lessons. Ever had that feeling "I've been here before" or "I've done this before"?

It is also believed that we are assigned "soul groups", this is where a number of souls will walk their life pathways together, and will meet and connect with each other in every lifetime they have. The relationship maybe entirely different every time, they may be your mother, your best friend the next, or even perhaps a sibling or a pen friend half way across the world, but it is guaranteed that your paths will cross again. Many people instantly know when they've met somebody from their soul group, as they get the strong feeling that they already know them on a deep and meaningful level, despite only knowing them for a matter of minutes. After the relationship starts to blossom, you may get the impression that you feel them on a psychic level, that you know what they're thinking and feeling, even when apart. In fact, we often refer to "soul mates" flippantly in everyday conversation, however in reincarnation, a soul mate isn't necessarily the love of your life, but the literal sense of the phrase: a friend of your soul.

Personally, I am still very uncertain what I believe when it comes to reincarnation, I've never had a "I've been here before" moment and I've never truly felt a connection with someone as if I've known them in another life, however, it has been explained to me that this means I am a travelling soul, and potentially, this is my first visit to this particular planet, and that each reincarnation I have chosen a different planet and species. I always thought I was out of this world... Perhaps one day I will receive my revelation, but for now, I am entirely open minded. I am curious though, what are your experiences? Do you believe in reincarnation? Have you experienced anything from your past lives in this life? Let me know in the comment section below.

Credit: Photographer: Asif Akbar


What Are Spirit Guides?

01 August 2016

FreeImages.com/photographer/tdnb-60025We are not alone. That's perhaps the biggest comfort for me in my life when I'm facing an extremely difficult situation, to know that I will always have my Spirit team around me to support and guide me. I often talk about my "Spirit team" in my blogs but what exactly does it mean?
Many mediums use various different terms to refer to their Spirit teams. Guides, helpers, guardians are just a few I've heard. Whatever term you prefer, it doesn't matter, as everybody has them. A guide is essentially someone who resides in the Spirit World, and uses their time assisting and helping people in the Physical World progress in many aspects of their lives, and achieve the best they can. The reason I refer to my "guides" as my Spirit team, is because that's exactly how I see them, a team of people working together, and they work so very hard. I don't know who they all are, as there are so many of them, but there are some who I often speak to and work with on a one to one basis.

When I'm working for Spirit giving a demonstration of mediumship, I spend most of the message communicating with the loved one who wishes to step forward and pass on a message, however, there are brief moments where I call upon my Spirit team for their assistance. This is usually when I don't understand the information being given to me, or I cannot quite interpret a sign or what is being said to me. Quite often, the person who works alongside me when I am giving a demonstration of mediumship is my grandfather, he was a working medium for approximately over 50 years, and he is the one who taught me pretty much everything I know today about Spirit and how to work with them. This hasn't changed, and he is still teaching me from the Spirit World. I will ask my grandfather what the message means and he will present it to me in a way that I will understand by showing me a sign or symbol I often work with, or showing me something that I can relate to in my personal, everyday life.
Behind my grandfather are the rest of my team, with a wealth of knowledge, contacts and information about my personal life, that he may call upon to find the best way for me to get the message across as clearly as it possibly can be.

It's not just mediumship that my Spirit team assist me with, they're there to send me healing and support when I need it, and they're there to give me guidance and suggestions when I may be straying away from my life purpose. Sometimes, they even give me warnings when something bad is about to happen, to prepare me or to help me to avoid it. Thankfully, being a medium, I am more aware of the signs and communications from my Spirit team and I know how to interpret them, although if I am distracted with something in the Physical World, I can still easily not notice the sign. Everyone has a team of people working with them, and they have their own methods to let you know when something is amiss. Our Spirit teams also can help us with our everyday tasks. I was leaving work one day when someone came up to me because they saw that the barbers were closed, and he asked if he had popped out for some lunch or if he had closed for the day. Unfortunately, the barber had left early as it was a quiet day and the weather was beautiful and he wanted to make the most of it, when I explained this to the man his response was: "I knew I should have come earlier today!". His guides and helpers were trying to tell him and let him know, but he simply didn't act upon that feeling.

Karen Glaze: Ok, you know in a reading you can get someone come forward to enable others to follow.... Are these people mediums who have passed or those with a strong belief in spirit, or just a strong person?

When someone passes to the Spirit World, they can decide what they want to spend their time doing, some choose to simply tend to their gardens for the rest of eternity, others want to learn, grow, develop and work. Some people decide to be guides to help us in the Physical World. So occasionally you can ask your guides to help you to connect to someone in the Spirit World. To answer your question, Karen, that person could be a medium, they could have a strong belief in the communion of spirits and they could be a strong person. There's also the chance they may be none of these and it's just a task they've taken upon themselves.
Sometimes, it can be difficult for a spirit to come through in a message due to various reasons. I've had people who have come for readings want to hear from loved ones who have taken their own lives. It's an emotional thing for that person in spirit to do, because they know there's a lot of blame, guilt, and many other negative emotions, so understandably they are sometimes hesitant. When I was a teenager, a close friend of mine took his own life, and he has communicated with me many times since being in the Spirit World. It is quite likely that I will call upon him, despite not being a guide of mine, and ask him for his assistance with the message, as he can truly relate and understand and be able to explain things to me in a way I would never understand, to help me put across a beautiful and compassionate message. He was never a medium, although he did have a strong belief in the afterlife.

Not all of our guides are family members and people we knew in the Physical World, it can be absolutely anyone. Actually, it's quite uncommon for our family members to be guides, as they've got their own things they want to be doing. It just so happens I have a grandfather, who was a phenomenal medium, who wants to continue in his work with connecting the two worlds together. I have a monk who works with me, yet never speaks, he just stands and does what he needs to do. Many people have seen him, including myself, but he does not say a word. His face cannot be seen as he wears robes with his hood up, and although I've not been able to communicate with him, I sense that he works on guarding my energy to ensure I don't have any not-so-nice people interfering with my work, and also helps to keep my spiritual energy strong to ensure the messages remain clear.

Our Spirit teams are always there working away in the background, assisting and helping us with whatever they deem necessary, we still have our own freewill and can do as we choose, but our team will be there when we need them to be. This doesn't mean that they're constantly watching us though. So our "intimate times" are still private, but rest assured, you're never alone and you've always got someone listening when you need them to and you've always got someone there who understands.

Credit: Freeimages.com. Photographer: Dani Toth


Can Spirits Redesign Your Home, Like in the Movies?

20 June 2016

Photographer: Erik bij de VaateConsidering I'm a clairvoyant medium, it's probably odd to hear me say this: I really do not like horror or scary films. I hate the feeling when you're sat there and the music goes all intense and you just KNOW the film is going to make you jump out of your seat and scream, and look terribly silly in the process. There are many, many movies out there telling ghost stories, and there's a large amount of films based on true stories. Due to so many stories being told, it's easy to forget that what we see in the movies isn't real, especially the movies that are based on real events. One of the main reasons I don't like scary ghost films, is because I know spirit's true capability.

If I were to write a list of FAQs I get from people when they discover that I'm a medium, one of the questions I'd put on it would be "Can spirits really move stuff around, like in the movies?". I like to split that question in two when people ask me it. "Can spirits really move stuff around" - absolutely. I have seen it with my own eyes. "Like in the movies" - afraid not. Movies exaggerate the stories and experiences big time. They want more scares and they want it bigger and terrifying because that's what people want when they see these films, and that's what sells tickets.

When I first discovered spiritualism and mediumship, I was invited to sit in a closed circle, which is essentially a séance where only those invited are allowed to attend, and the same people turn up every week and work in aid of Spirit. This is where my grandfather taught me almost everything I know. We worked hard with Spirit and we also had some experiments to see what spirits were capable of doing. The one experiment that always amazes me is table tipping. The participants of the circle would place a table, preferably; a large, heavy, wooden table, in the centre of the room, and the members of the circle would sit around it. Each person would place the tips of their fingers on the top of the table. It was imperative the members would sit with just their finger tips gently touching, to ensure there was no foul play. Then the leader of the circle would invite any spirits present to come forwards and use the energy of those in the circle to move the table. Sometimes, it barely even quivered, so it took a lot of patience and a lot of just sitting and waiting, however, when Spirit built up the energy and had the inclination to do it, the table would move in some amazing ways. I have fond memories of chasing a heavy table around a room, as it moved quickly with people lightly touching the top and also witnessing the table floating completely off of the ground. This is called physical mediumship, where the Spirit World will give evidence of their existence by making physical things happening, using the energy of the mediums in the room.
Spirit can also move small objects around, and sometimes play deliberate tricks on us if they're the mischievous type. Often keys will go missing, when you know for ABSOLUTE certainty that you left them on the table where you always leave them. Many people see first hand, things moving around their house, objects getting knocked off the mantelpiece, ornaments flying across a room. Why do spirits do this? They're not trying to scare us, or haunt us as movies would depict, but they're simply trying to get our attention. They want us to know they're still around and that they're with us. Most importantly, they want us to know that they're still alive! Just without a body... As I've already said, sometimes they do it for their own entertainment to see our reaction. Spirit children are notorious for playing mischievous games with us from the Spirit World. I talk more about that in my previous blog "Children Grow and Develop in the Spirit World too".
You won't find yourself being dragged from your bed at 3am, down into the basement and possessed by a demon to go and kill your husband. It's just not as exciting as that! (thankfully) Spirit don't invade our personal space, they're not interested in grabbing you, or knocking you down the stairs, unless your mother in law has passed over and she heard you call her all those names... I joke (maybe). They don't want to freak us out, they are our friends and family after all. They can brush our face or play with our hair, but they don't tend to be invasive.

It takes Spirit an immense amount of energy and effort to affect the physical world in a physical way. They have to really have a strong inclination for interior design to start reorganising the furniture in your home. It isn't very common, and is very unlikely, I'm terribly sorry if I've disappointed you, but it isn't completely impossible.
If you're concerned that you might be haunted, and you're experiencing some severe paranormal experiences in your home, then I highly recommend you contact your local spiritualist church or a reputable medium who is experienced in these matters.

Credit: Erik bij de Vaate.


Does Hell Exist?

13 June 2016

All over the world we heard about the terrorist attack in Pulse, the club in Orlando, USA, where a gunman killed 49 people and seriously injured 53 before walking outside shooting at officers and being shot dead himself. I was truly heartbroken and at a loss for words, as more and more stories are coming to light everyday of mass killings and acts of terror. When I hear of fellow humans destroying the lives of other humans like this, I always ask my Spirit team if there will be retribution for their evil deeds, in the Spirit World.
In my previous blog, I talked about what happens to our soul when it's our time to cross over. I was brought up as a Catholic, so I have this preconception of a heaven and a hell. I envisage a dark, fiery pit with a demon-man there to ensure that we atone for each and every one of our misdeeds. However, I am informed by my Spirit team that isn't quite what happens in the Next World.

Spiritualists all across the UK follow the Seven Principles of Spiritualism, which were given to us through Emma Hardinge Britten's mediumship. The sixth principle states "compensation and retribution hereafter for all the good and evil deeds done on Earth." This tells us that there will always be cause and effect. Whatever actions we take and whatever decisions we make will always have consequence, whether they are good or bad. Some people like to call this karma, others just know it as the law of the universe. This is also recognised in the Spirit World, our deaths from our earthly bodies does not purge us of our decisions, we carry our life lessons deep within our souls. Some religions believe that confessing our sins frees our souls from these burdens, or that death is a rebirth into the Afterlife and therefore we start afresh. This isn't the case as everything needs balance.

When we cross over, we are greeted by our loved ones and/or spirit guides and helpers who guide us to the Halls of Healing. This goes for every spirit that passes, no matter who you are or where you've come from. Little is known about the Halls of Healing, except that this is the place where you release your physical, emotional and mental pain, and become accustomed to the new experience of living in the Spirit World. As I mentioned in my previous blog, the process of healing involves viewing your entire life with an unbiased view from start to finish. Every decision you've made, every person you've made smile, every hurt you've caused and every decision you could have possibly made. This takes a long time and it is a difficult process for many, to have a clear understanding of the impact of your life. For some, it is enlightening and comforting, however, I am told for those who have caused much pain and suffering, this is a difficult process to undertake, and to have a sudden understanding of the damage you've caused can be somewhat torturous. You unpick everything and unravel all life lessons, and discoveries, and you are able to truly understand yourself. During this time we can re-asses those decisions and discover what we might have done differently.
Once the healing process has finished, we decide what we want to do with our lives, with a brand new understanding of who we are and what we brought to the world. We are not met with a divine judgement, St Peter isn't stood there with a cane, we must judge ourselves, with the help of our guides and helpers. Most people are reunited with their families and go on to live happily for the rest of eternity, however, in some cases such as the gunman, Omar Mateen, in Orlando, they decide on a different course. The healing process for someone who has caused extreme pain and suffering, will be a longer and much more difficult process for them, and they will spend a large amount of time in the Halls of Healing, feeling and experiencing all the hurt they have caused. After an experience like that, many people decide to punish themselves further, as they no longer feel that they are deserving of a comfortable life in the World of Spirit, but instead choose to imprison themselves in a dark place. I have only ever heard of this place referred to as the Nether Regions, which is another term for hell, and there is very little I know of this place due to my work being mainly with spirits of love and light. I do know, however, that it is not a place that you'd put yourself in lightly. It's not a fiery pit, and there's no demon-man there, but a very dark, very cold place that is full of negativity, despair and hopelessness. There are teams in the Spirit World and Physical World alike, who dedicate their time to visit the Nether Regions to help souls who have trapped themselves wrongly, or who have received their retribution, and to help them ascend to lighter plains of the Spirit World.
The seventh principle of Spiritualism states "eternal progress open to every soul", meaning that no matter what you've done, you can always grow and develop as a person. No matter how evil you've been, you can make amends, although, I'm sure it will be a very, very long time until Omar Mateen ascends.

So when I ask my Spirit team if there will be retribution for terrorist's evil deeds, in the Spirit World, they assure me that that person will be given true, unconditional love, and that they will either find it too painful to bare and torment themselves until they can release themselves of the evil they have inflicted, or they will act in service, for as long as their souls feel necessary, to make amends.

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Are Spirits Always Trying to Contact Me?

16 May 2016

Freeimages.com/Chrobatos-52144The Spirit World and I have a close understanding that I will happily do their work, passing on beautiful, healing, loving messages for them and I will go where I am directed, as long as they do not constantly harass me during my everyday life. Spirit step forward and communicate with me on an agreed date and time and I let them know, usually through prayer, that I am ready for them to connect with them. However, this doesn't always go to plan... Baring in mind that the Spirit World will have trillions upon trillions of different inhabitants, that not every single spirit will know my own personal rules, so I do occasionally have a surprise visit from a spirit once in a while, when I least expect it.
This happened to me earlier this week, I was in the process of moving house and I was driving boxes from one property to the other. I saw up ahead a white car coming in my direction, when it swerved onto our side of the road driving headlong towards the car in front of mine. I'm watching closely as I'm thinking to myself 'I hope they get back to their side of the road soon!' when all of a sudden the car disappears. There was no reaction from the car in front nor from my partner, who was in the car with me. As I drove through the spot the car had disappeared, I shuddered from head to toe as I felt myself pass right through an energy and flashes of a scene appeared in my mind of a drunk driver who had lost control and veered off the road. I gasped, as the sudden invasion of another energy connecting with me took me aback, and all the hairs on the back of my arms stood on end. I explained to my partner what I had just experienced as he was very concerned about my reaction. As we went further down the road, there were flowers tied to a lamp post. I don't know if they were connected, as there was quite a distance between the flowers and the energy I felt, but they may well have been.

How do you know or when do you know that you have a connection with the 'other side'?
Apart from their missing head? I joke! They don't appear like that. It varies completely from spirit to spirit, and different mediums experience different things. If I am working for Spirit during an organised time (such as a demonstration of mediumship or a booked private sitting) I have a rough idea of what to expect. Sometimes, I will see a spirit clearly and physically in the room and I can hear them clearly as well, I prefer this form of communication as it means that I can just describe the person as I see them, and repeat what it is they're saying to me. Sometimes, they come to me as an energy form, and I just feel their personality and I need to interpret what they're saying through emotion and feelings. Sometimes I don't even get that, and I just get given images or scenes of various things that are symbolic, and I have to figure out the meaning to pass on the message. Every communication is different and it can be anyone of those things.
If it's not an organised demonstration, and it's my Spirit Team, family or random Joe Blogs coming to visit me, then it can be any of what I've just mentioned, or I just get a feeling that I'm not alone, and someone is watching over me, even when I'm completely and utterly alone in the Physical World. There's also occasions where I may be completely unaware a spirit has connected with me, but they share information with me that I pick up on a subconscious level, and it doesn't hit me until a lot later on that a spirit was trying to have a chat.
I talk more on this subject in my previous blog "Communicating with Spirits is like...".

Are there spirits you havent been able to contact?
Yes, there have been, although it's not something that occurs often. There are many reasons why a spirit may be un-contactable, and I couldn't possibly list them all, though one of the most common reasons is when a spirit first crosses over to the Spirit Realms. The spirit goes to the Halls of Healing, where no messages can enter or exit. This is for a short time whilst the spirit heals from the physical and emotional pain that they may have experienced on the Earth Plain. I talk more about what happens when a spirit crosses over in my blog "What Happens to Our Soul When it's Our Time to Cross Over?".
Sometimes, a spirit may simply be busy doing something else, it happens to the best of us, our best friend calls but we're in the middle of a business meeting, and we simply cannot answer that call. Same goes for Spirit, although they do have the ability to be in more than one place at one time, there maybe something very important they need to focus their entire attention on.
I have also experienced some spirits not knowing how to communicate via a medium. These spirits tend to be new to the World of Spirit, but this doesn't stop them trying hard. I find these communications to be difficult and hard-going, but with perseverance, we tend to get the essence of the message that they wish to pass on.
Some spirits simply don't want to communicate. This could be because they don't wish to speak to the person on the Earth Plain trying to connect with them, or they don't like me, the medium. They may even disagree with mediumship as they're a staunch Christian, and it goes against their beliefs.

As a medium, it's very difficult when a spirit doesn't want to, or cannot connect in a reading, especially when someone desperately wants to hear from them. I have had to explain to a small number of people in the past, who have had private readings with me, that they don't always connect and that perhaps waiting a few months, their loved one may be ready to come through. It's difficult because I can see how much that person wants to hear from their loved one, but there's very little I can do to bring them forwards. I simply act as a phone, I have no control over who picks it up to ring. This is why many mediums recommend not having a reading if they wish to hear from a particular person who has recently passed, and to wait at least 6 months after the passing, as this is the most regular reason why there is no connection.

Either way, our loved ones in spirit do watch over us and there are to support and help us when we need it. We just need to ask. They're not there watching you as you're pooping on the toilet, they do wait outside the door, but they're always around us in energy and ready to jump in when we need them to.


Children Grow and Develop in the Spirit World Too

02 May 2016

FreeImages.com/photographer/pascal79-37595Arguably the worst thing to happen in a parent's life is to lose a child to the Spirit World. It's heart-breaking when it happens, whatever age they pass, but especially those who pass at a very young age. My mother lost her first son, my brother, at just a few weeks old due to complications with his heart, and mistakes happening at the hospital that should never have happened. He would be 32 years old now, but still my mother grieves hard between his birthday and the anniversary of him returning to Spirit. One of the things she wanted to know when he passed, along with many other mothers and fathers, is what happens to their soul, do they continue to grow as people or do they stay forever as a baby?
I don't identify myself as a Spiritualist, for many complex reasons which I won't go into in this blog, however, I started my pathway as a medium in an SNU Spiritualist church (Spiritualist's National Union), and therefore I've been taught the traditional Spiritualist foundations, and one of the principles of Spiritualism is "eternal progress open to every human soul" (although, I like to reword that principle to read as every single soul, as opposed to every human soul). This means that every being that exists has the ability to learn, discover, grow and better themselves, no matter what, and this isn't limited to our physical world. When we pass over to the Spirit World we continue to grow and age. Don't panic - when I say age, I don't mean you'll continue greying and gaining thousands more wrinkles, I'm talking on a spiritual level. We become more wise and learned. This includes children who may have not touched the Earth, in cases such as still birth, miscarriage and abortions.
My brother, Sean, often visited my mother to reassure her that he was in safe hands and was well looked after, and after a couple of years he appeared as an 18 year old. He was growing as a person and receiving the lessons he wished from the Spirit World. He was allowed to be a child and have fun, and was brought up in an enriching environment. When we pass over into the Spirit Realms, we no longer have our physical body, we are just a non-physical blob of energy floating in another realm, this means that we can decide how we wish to look and appear to people. For most spirits, they decide to show themselves to be at the age they passed, or to be at the age when the person they are visiting knew them best (so definitely no extra wrinkles!). Of course, if they wanted to, they could come back looking like a super model, but when passing on a message through a medium, that could get quite confusing... Sean, however, decided he felt most comfortable being an 18 year old and has remained that way ever since. Whenever I've connected with him or I've visited him through a meditation, he always looks to be around 18 with better hair than me, and much better looking! What's that all about? I'm sure he's trying to wind me up... Despite his youthful appearance, if I ever go to him and ask him for advice, he definitely has the wisdom of someone much older, perhaps even more wisdom than a 32 year old would have, considering the abundance of knowledge and lessons he has available to him.
I'm used to Sean's presence now, and it's comforting to have his guidance and protection and his big brotherly care for me. Despite this, I still find it quite difficult when I'm giving a message to somebody from a young child who steps forward to communicate. I instantly know that they are young, as more often than not, all I can see of them is a bright, blinding light. This is their energy, and the brightness is due to their innocence and not having been tainted by the Physical World. There is always strong emotion, from both sides of life, when a child steps through. Even though I find the connection difficult due to the emotion behind it, I never neglect to pass on a message so I welcome that spirit with open arms. Most of the time when I'm giving a reading for someone, a spirit child will show themselves to me as either a baby or a young toddler. Again, this is so that the person receiving the message knows exactly who is communicating. Often, I will see a young toddler but get the sense that they're much older beyond their years and pass on the message to their parents left behind.

FreeImages.com/photographer/Kylesatori-32077A recurring factor I've noticed with children from the Spirit Realms is mischievousness. No matter how much time has passed since they returned to the Spirit World, they always seem to retain their childish behaviour, and I've been told countless times from the spirit that they like to play haunting tricks on their family members. Keys go missing, things go bump in the night and electrical appliances gain a mind of their own, as these spirit children play naughty tricks to bring laughter and fun into the home. Parents often tell me they hear footsteps running backwards and forwards around the house as their child visits them. Although, I personally wouldn't want these ghostly happenings in my home, it brings comfort and joy to those I read for, to know their children are never too far away.
Even if a child passed to the World of Spirit as a baby, they may connect in as a toddler as this is a more comfortable image for me to communicate with, as a talking baby is a little bit off-putting... If they do wish to show themselves as a baby, often they come in with another loved one in the Spirit World carrying them in their arms.
Often, spirit children are cared for by our family members who are already on that side of life, or they may be looked after by a spirit nanny. There are people in the Spirit Realm who dedicate their lives to supporting and helping spirit children find themselves and grow and develop. A sort of Spirit Crèche. They are well looked after and in safe hands.

I may find the connection with a spirit child difficult, but that's nothing in comparison to the grief a parent feels from the loss of that child, but rest assured that they may not be here in the physical world any more, but their soul does go on and they are shining brightly in the Afterlife and keeping a close eye on you.

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Things That Go Bark In the Night

18 April 2016

Freeimages.com/bethan-35546There's no disputing it, our pets are our family and people who have never had pets often don't understand this. Our furry friends have their own personalities and quirks, and a real bond is made up between us and them, so it's just as devastating when they become ill, and we need to say our goodbyes, as it is to lose anyone in our family. Many pet owners who have had to let go of their companions often ask me, sheepishly, if their pets go to the Spirit World. It's really not a stupid question, and it's not silly to be concerned and hope that they're in a better place. The short answer is: yes! Every soul is welcome in the afterlife and every soul has the ability to progress in their lives.

There have been countless times when I've been connected to the Spirit Realms and passing on messages from loved ones, and I've felt a brush against my leg to look down and see an animal from the World of Spirit. I've seen cats, dogs, birds, horses, the lot! They always come through with such unique and loving energy, and the unconditional love is so great and strong! They come through in readings to let their owners know that they're fine and that they've arrived to the Next World safely and having the times of their lives. It's completely their choice what they wish to do when they cross over, just as it is with humans. I touch on this in more detail in my previous blog "What happens to our soul when it's our time to cross over?". There are people in the Afterlife who devote their time to give love and care to our pets who have crossed over, until we are reunited with them, a heavenly kennel or cattery of sorts. They are in good hands and given everything they need for a healthy and happy life. They may choose to live with our other human family members and loved ones who have passed, and spend their lives with familiar faces in companionship with them.
Alternatively, our pets may decide to live a free life in the Spirit Realms, birds flying free in the trees, dogs running around in packs in fields and cats being leisurely and relaxing. They can do as they please and for as long as they like. They may even choose a bit of everything to pass their time.
Once it's our time to return to the World of Spirit, our pets will be there waiting for us so that we can be reunited with them, along with our other loved ones. They never forget the love we share with them, and the bonds we made, and their love remains unconditional.

Our pets can still visit us from their side of life, as any spirit can, and they may connect with us shortly after passing to let us know that they've arrived safely and that they're well again. Most people are visited by their pets in their dream state, this is a visitation from them and not wishful thinking. People often sense their pets coming around them too, brushing up against their legs or feeling their dog curl up on the end of their bed at night. I always advise to acknowledge these sensations, whether out loud or in your mind, just so your furry friend knows you sensed them, and will know in the future what works and what doesn't when they wish to visit you again.

It's awesome to have our pets watch our backs in the World of Spirit, they will forever remain loyal and bonded with us and do whatever it takes to protect, guide and guard us when we're in times of need. They're never far and just a thought away when we need them. Every soul is equal in the Spirit World, animals and humans alike are welcome and live side by side. An animal's soul is just as bright and complex as our own, so fear not, our pets that have passed are safe and sound.

Have you had any visitations from animals in the Spirit World? Comment below your experiences.

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Everyone's a Psychic Medium, Even You!

04 April 2016

Freeimages.com/k_voshen-61689So many people turn to me and say "I wish that I had your gift, it's amazing" and I find it so disheartening! Everyone has the ability to connect with Spirit, it's an instinctual sense, pre-built in and active. It's not a gift, it's a part of us, a sixth sense if you wish to label it. The difference is, I've spent half my lifetime training it. I wish I had a six pack, but I know that if I don't train, I won't get one. Many people feel and sense things through their "sixth sense" and don't even realise it. I remember leaving work one day, and a man and his young child approached me and asked if the barbers had closed for the day, or if he had just popped out. It was a stunning day, clear blue skies and very warm. Mario, the barber, had closed early to enjoy the weather, I explained this to the man and he responded: "You know what? I had a feeling we should have come this morning. That's a waste of a bus fare."
We all get those gut feelings that, despite what our traditional 5 senses tell us, give us sensations of what we should and shouldn't do. It's a feeling in the pit of our stomach that simply refuses to leave. You meet someone for the first time, they smile sweetly at you and shake your hand, they say lovely things but your stomach just churns and you get a deep innate sense that you should run away as quickly as humanly possible. In those situations, I just hope you have your running shoes ready because our gut instincts don't lie!

When we listen to our bodies more, and pay attention to those warnings and signs, our lives become so much easier and we feel much more content. If something doesn't feel right, then it probably isn't and if something feels so perfect and exciting, grab it with both hands and don't let go. How many times have you ignored that intuitive instincts only for it to be proven right later on down the line and you kick yourself for it?
My partner and I holidayed to Toulouse in France April 2014, and we had a lovely day in the centre with a gorgeous meal at Les Caves de la Maréchale in the evening. After a delicious bottle of rosé wine, we decided it was time to head back and caught the underground metro. There were no seats available so we stood, and for some reason, I was drawn to an elderly lady. Instantly, I felt that I needed to protect her and I felt a huge sense of concern and worry for her in the pit of my stomach. As I analysed how I felt, I noticed that I felt highly uncomfortable about the young man who was sat opposite her, his presence just had my skin crawling. There was nothing unusual about him in the slightest, he didn't act oddly and looked very ordinary, however, there was just this feeling I got from him that did not sit right with me. Thankfully, the elderly lady alighted alone, and I was relieved to know that the man hadn't followed after her. To my horror though, my partner decided to take the lady's seat which forced me to sit next to him and therefore sitting directly opposite this guy.
The metro's tunnels were all lit, and we were in the last carriage of the train and able to see for miles behind us, so I just had to get my phone out to take pictures. As we trundled down the tunnels, I felt more and more at unease, I knew that something wasn't right. I had images flashing through my mind of being attacked and robbed on the metro platform. The sensations became so strong that I felt I had to do something about it. Deciding that the guy's first language probably wasn't English, I turned to my partner and muttered under my breath "that guy opposite us, I don't trust him." I tried to be subtle, in case of the off chance he could speak English, in a rather drunken state my partner loudly asks what I said as he didn't catch it, the train stopped at the next station and passengers were leaving, I took a tighter grip on my phone, holding it close against my body and repeated what I said slightly louder. As I uttered the last syllable, the guy opposite had moved as fast as light towards me and snatched at my phone. I was already prepared and refused to loosen my grip and within a blink of an eye, he slipped through the closing doors, his attempts fruitless. My partner freaked out and panicked and I simply sat there as if nothing of interest happened and stated "I told you."

Our loved ones in the World of Spirit try and assist us in any way they can, as they would in the Physical World. They get to see the bigger picture and can occasionally see where we're heading on our life paths, and they want to direct us to ensure that we stay sure-footed. They will use our gut instincts to give us warnings or sometimes to put us in the right scenario at the right time to get us that all important job interview. It's simply a matter of trusting in that feeling and just going with it. Many successful people in the world often talk about their intuition, one being Lord Alan Sugar who often says that it's important to trust your intuition when it comes to business. It may be something as important as warning you of a potential robbery, or as small as whether you should go to the barbers in the morning or the afternoon, allow yourself to listen to these signs and you'll find your life becomes a little easier.

Not everyone has the ability to communicate fluently with Spirit and accurately sense the energies around them, but we do have that raw, innate ability to determine when a Spirit is close to us and when the energies are in our favour or detriment. If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't, if it feels good, hold on tight and ride the good times!

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What happens to our soul when it's our time to cross over?

21 March 2016

FreeImages.com/poetprince-34223After connecting with thousands of different spirits from across the globe, you start learning some very interesting things! I don't mean people's private affairs, you nosey thing, I'm talking about what awaits us in the next world. Surprisingly, it's not a topic that often comes up, but when it does, I listen very attentively. Client confidentiality is extremely important to me, and I never discuss private details of someone's reading with other people, although, it's not a very difficult task, as I seldom remember what's been said in a reading. As soon as that client leaves or as soon as I finish a demonstration of mediumship and sit down, I've forgotten who in the Spirit World I have connected to and what they've told me, so if there's something particular that I want to retain for myself, I have to make a special effort. Of course, when a spirit talks about their experience of their passing and what happened next, I make that effort.
As I discussed in my previous blog, Communicating with Spirits is like..., every spirit is different and their experiences of crossing over into the Afterlife vary spirit to spirit, however, there's some recurring details giving me a slight insight into what happens to us when it's our time to leave this world.
No matter who you are, and what religion you follow, we all can cross over into the Spirit Realms (or if you'd rather: Heaven). A friend recently contacted me on Facebook explaining that their brother in law passed over, and he didn't have a belief in an afterlife, and she wondered if he would still be able to cross over. One of the Principles of Spiritualism is: Eternal Progress Open to Every Human Soul. No matter who you are, what you've done, where you've come from, you'll always be able to return to the Spirit Realms and continue living your life. Ok, he might have got a bit of a surprise considering his beliefs, but I'm sure every spirit will be pleased to know that they survived death. They will, most likely, have received help to cross over as well. When it's our time to go, our guides and helpers and loved ones who have already passed, gather around us. Many people talk about seeing their loved ones when they know it's their time to go and I hear countless stories from people day to day of their loved one's passing and how they were "talking to themselves" or saying that their parents, who had long passed, were standing by their bedside. There is every chance that we could get lost when our souls leave our body, so our guides are there to show us the way. They don't rush us, they don't start dragging our souls from our bodies, they simply stand and wait, watching and healing. When our soul finally breaks it's cord with our bodies, our guides hold out a hand, greet us and then lead us into the Spirit Realms.

Freeimages.com/juliaf-55850My Nan passed into the World of Spirit in July 2013, and her husband, my grandfather known as Pop, had passed in January 2009. On the night of my Nan's passing, my aunt had been telephoned by the hospital informing her that we should get there as soon as possible, as it was her time to go and she was soon crossing over. My aunt, my mum and I rushed straight to the hospital (12 miles away), however, when we arrived the nurses had informed us that she had just stopped breathing. When we entered the ward, the curtains were being closed around her body and I watched in amazement as her soul was leaving her body. I saw her stood by her bedside as my mum and aunt rushed to her body and grieved over her. The nurses closed the curtains around us to allow us privacy, and a few moments later, Pop stepped through the gap in the curtains. I smiled and acknowledged him, but he ignored me as he had an important task and couldn't allow himself to be distracted. He walked over to my Nan, took her by her hand, and together, they walked back towards the gap in the curtains and stepped through, connected once again and allowing their unconditional love for each other to burn forevermore. I immediately told my mum that she was now at rest and had crossed over, and explained what I witnessed which brought peace to both my aunt and my mother.

Listening to the accounts of various spirits, they talk about how suddenly they felt at peace and they could see the faces of their loved ones who had passed before them. They described how they would talk for a while and have a catch up, they'd embrace and once again be with them. Unfortunately, the way some people pass is tragic and sometimes they are in a great deal of pain, mentally and physically. When they arrive to the Spirit World, it's not always clear that they no longer have those pains, and that they no longer have their body, and they can still be hurting as their suffering was so great, it's imprinted on them psychologically. There is a place in the Next World, that I only know as the Halls of Healing (it is known by many other names but this is the name Spirit use with me when talking about it), which is essentially a hospital where many, many new spirits go; to come to terms with their passing and to receive the necessary healing, to help them let go of the pains they still believe they have and to help them heal their minds. The Halls of Healing have very strict rules and regulations and I do not know exactly what goes on there or what the practises involve, as it is very secretive. There is very little communication that comes in and out of the Halls of Healing, and once a spirit arrives there to receive healing, it is very unlikely for them to contact us on the Physical World until they have been discharged. Many people I have spoken to often tell me of a time where their loved ones send loads of signs and appear in dreams when they first pass, to let them know they've arrived safely, then suddenly they hear nothing for weeks and weeks and not even feel their presence. This is because during their healing process, they must focus on just themselves and they cannot be distracted. During this process, the spirit will look at their entire life with an unbiased view, and see all the things that they have learned and discovered during their pathway, this is when they decide what they'd like to do next with their life. They are also taught how to adapt to no longer having a body, and once they're ready, they're shown the ropes and given a tour of the Spirit Realms. As soon as they're free of their pain and suffering, our loved ones tend to make contact again, to reassure us that they are at peace (and perhaps to have a little gossip).

When a spirit has settled into the Afterlife, they can choose to do whatever takes their fancy. To have a little cottage in the countryside with a beautiful garden and roses around the door, or to study and learn more, it is completely up to them. Some people just want to rest forevermore, however, for many this gets a little boring and they want to progress. Many people learn how to become guides and helpers, some learn how to assist in helping others cross into the Spirit Realms. The possibilities are endless.

One thing that is for certain though, once our loved one has crossed, they are only just a thought away and will hear you when you ask for them. They'll never be far and will most likely pop in visit you on occasion and their love for you will remain the same.

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Communicating with Spirits is like...

14 March 2016

Communicating with spiritsWhenever a spirit wishes to communicate, I learn something new and valuable. No two communications are the same and I never know what to expect, as each and every spirit communicates differently. I suppose the same goes for those of us here in the physical world, we all communicate and express ourselves in our own unique ways and this doesn't change once you've crossed over to the next world. Thankfully, I have a fantastic team in the Spirit Realms, who I refer to as my guides and/or helpers, they work with me to help pass on messages from our loved ones using my own personal experiences and knowledge to help me to understand what it is they want to be communicated. What I've discovered on my journey, is that it's not just about me learning how to interpret Spirit's messages but also that my guides and helpers are learning how to communicate with me successfully. Everyone views the world differently and every medium works differently from one another, which is why our guides work closely with us when demonstrating. Many of those who know me, know that I am, let's say.... Uncomfortable, when it comes to dogs. They make me nervous (despite the fact that I've grown up around them!) and it's no different when I see them in spirit form. To me though, dogs are a sign of guidance, and if I were to be given a dog as a symbol, I would tell the person who I was giving a message to that: this is a time where Spirit are stepping in to help guide you through a difficult or hard part of your life, however, many other people absolutely adore dogs! They see them as unconditional love and fun, so for those people, a dog would mean exactly that! So when my guides work with me, they wouldn't use a dog to communicate fun and a big heart, as they know that I simply would not make that connection.

Mediumship is definitely a two-way thing. I have to listen closely (and most of the time I'm talking at the same time as listening) and interpret what is being shown to me with as much conviction and integrity as humanly possible, and my Spirit team and your loved ones work together to give me relevant symbols and feelings that I can accurately decipher and relay. Although, there are times when a spirit will manifest themselves by my side and speak to me clearly as if they were physically there in the room with me, that makes my job so much easier, however, as I said: every spirit communicates differently.

Communicating with spirits
This is perhaps one of the most frustrating and hardest things to experience for our loved ones who have crossed over. They want to step forwards and inform us that they're absolutely fine and that they've survived! They will try desperately to speak to you, and communicate with you, but when we receive those signs we often dismiss them as coincidence, our imagination or sometimes we don't even notice them and we ignore them. Interpreting these signs from the World of Spirit is no easy task, don't get me wrong! Mediums train for many, many years to try and understand what it is they're telling us, which is why mediums exist, to dedicate our lives to this art so that we can pass on our loved one's messages as clearly as we possibly can. Let's be honest though, their 4G is pretty diabolical.... Perhaps someone should get Steve Jobs onto this, no? Despite all these years of training and practising as a medium, the messages can still come across as hazy which is why we rely so strongly on our guides and helpers to give us the messages in a way that we would understand, because Joe Bloggs couldn't care less if I was scared of dogs, he just wants to tell his daughter that he loves her more than life itself.
It can take several years for a medium to feel like they truly understand what they're receiving and perhaps a few more years after that to feel comfortable and confident enough to pass on that message, there's nothing more terrifying than the thought of passing a message on incorrectly! It took me 5 years of studying before I dared to believe someone trusted me enough to pass on such beautiful and loving messages.
Our loved ones who are in the Spirit Realms really do want to communicate and show themselves to all of us, but it's easy for us to miss it. If you feel like you've received a sign from spirit, let them know! A delivery report, if you please, so that they know what's worked, even if you feel it could have been your imagination, just let them know you noticed it. Over time, they'll learn what works with you and you'll learn what they're capable of and eventually you'll be able to communicate more successfully.

Communicating with spirits

This is where it gets tricky when our helpers use our own experiences and understanding to pass on messages, because it becomes ever so easy to believe you're just imagining things. Even mediums, who have worked all their lives, will have moments where they question themselves, and that's because it's so illogical and surreal! What I've found that's worked for me is to go on a journey of self-discovery (cliché, perhaps), and figure out exactly who I am as a person and realise my views on life and the world as I know it. Before I deliberately choose to communicate with Spirit, I will spend some time listening to my body to see exactly how I feel. Am I tired? Am I hungry? Am I in a good mood? Do I hurt anywhere? This exercise has made me realise how much I'd be consciously oblivious to what my body was telling me, I'd notice an ache in the ball of my foot or a sharp shooting pain in my elbow that I was simply ignoring. With all this knowledge of who I am and how I feel, I'm now able to recognise anything "foreign". For example, let's say you've had a fabulous night's sleep and you've woken up feeling refreshed and ready to jump out of bed. You go to the kitchen and have a delicious, warm cup of coffee. Now, you'd expect to be feeling full of energy and ready to deal with what the day has to offer, but you don't, and you feel suddenly tired and lethargic. This would be something you wouldn't expect and therefore it's foreign, you'd realise that these sensations shouldn't be what you're feeling and that they don't actually belong to you, when in fact, they belong to a spirit trying to communicate. Then it's about having faith and trust that this is definitely the Spirit Realms attempting communication.

That. Or you have an allergy to caffeine or something...
More often than not, when we experience these unexpected sensations, as soon as we have passed the information on, those feelings disappear as quickly as they came on which gives us confirmation that it definitely wasn't our own bodies/minds telling us these things. This is also why many mediums will refuse to work if they're feeling ill or going through a hard time as it makes recognising what is theirs and what is Spirit's that much harder, simply because our heads would be in a state of confusion. This is why I stood back from working for Spirit over the past year, as I knew through this stressful time that I wouldn't know what were my own thoughts and concerns and what was Spirit's.

My grandfather was a working medium pretty much until his dying day (he sat in séances until he was hospitalised). He used to always say that you never stop learning when it came to mediumship and working with the World of Spirit. He was a practising medium for over 50 years! This thought is a tad terrifying, that there is so much to knowledge, but also so exciting that there is so much more to experience and discover. I may have communicated with thousands and thousands of different Spirits from all over the world, but never have two communications been the same and I know that none ever will.


Out of the Ashes

14 March 2016

blog Hello! A year, 3 months, 2 weeks and 2 days ago I made the very difficult decision to take a step back from my work as a medium. As many of you know, my partner was diagnosed with stage 4B Hodgkin's Lymphoma, and I soon realised that I needed to give his treatment and care my full attention. I decided to leave behind everything I worked towards, including my work with the Spirit Realms, however, despite me hanging up my medium's jacket, Spirit were constantly around me, keeping a close eye and giving some advice or some healing energies when and where it was required.
Thankfully, my partner is now in remission and is gently recovering from his chemotherapy treatment. It has come to the time where I need to move forwards again and rebuild my life. My friends in the Spirit World have always been there for me and have always guided and helped me in some way or another and I want to re-join them by their side, working together on this side of life to help prove to the world that our souls do not die, we go to a better place, and we continuously learn, grow and love. With careful consideration, and much discussion between by helpers and myself, we have decided how I am going to go about that.

As from today, I will be releasing a new blog here on AaronTheMedium.com on the first and third Monday of every month (today being the exception). I will be delving into the world of mediumship, and sharing with you various topics and stories of my experiences of teaming up with Spirit to pass on loving and healing messages to those of us here on the Earth Plain. Accompanying these blogs, I will be releasing a vlog (video blog) a few days after, bringing these blogs to life.
To help you keep up to date with all these goings on here on AaronTheMedium.com, I will be releasing a monthly newsletter which you can subscribe to by filling out a very short form by clicking HERE. This newsletter will be packed with information, informing you of new blogs and vlogs, demonstrations of mediumship, divine services, radio shows and so much more!
I am also planning on returning to the airwaves on BlogTalkRadio in the future, bringing back my popular radio show where I will be introducing to you different spiritual workers and exploring their lives as mediums, psychics, card readers, rune readers etc! We will also be opening the phone lines so that you can phone in for a free reading live on air!
readings with Aaron NaughtonIn the not-so-distant future, I plan to be offering one to one private readings across the globe again! If you have access to Skype, emails or a telephone, you will be able to book private sessions with me. What's new with my one to one readings will be that every reading will be recorded and uploaded to AaronTheMedium.com where you will be given login details and the ability to access every reading that you've ever had with me and review them.

I am currently in collaboration with Spiritualist Churches in the North East, North West and South West of England and the North of Wales organising events where I can come and give demonstrations of mediumship for free or a small fee at the door.

I am so excited to get back to my life purpose and to be offering all of these things and more! Most of all, I'm excited to share it with you. Thank you for joining me on my journey and I really do hope you enjoy what I have to offer!