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Things That Go Bark In the Night

18 April 2016

Freeimages.com/bethan-35546There's no disputing it, our pets are our family and people who have never had pets often don't understand this. Our furry friends have their own personalities and quirks, and a real bond is made up between us and them, so it's just as devastating when they become ill, and we need to say our goodbyes, as it is to lose anyone in our family. Many pet owners who have had to let go of their companions often ask me, sheepishly, if their pets go to the Spirit World. It's really not a stupid question, and it's not silly to be concerned and hope that they're in a better place. The short answer is: yes! Every soul is welcome in the afterlife and every soul has the ability to progress in their lives.

There have been countless times when I've been connected to the Spirit Realms and passing on messages from loved ones, and I've felt a brush against my leg to look down and see an animal from the World of Spirit. I've seen cats, dogs, birds, horses, the lot! They always come through with such unique and loving energy, and the unconditional love is so great and strong! They come through in readings to let their owners know that they're fine and that they've arrived to the Next World safely and having the times of their lives. It's completely their choice what they wish to do when they cross over, just as it is with humans. I touch on this in more detail in my previous blog "What happens to our soul when it's our time to cross over?". There are people in the Afterlife who devote their time to give love and care to our pets who have crossed over, until we are reunited with them, a heavenly kennel or cattery of sorts. They are in good hands and given everything they need for a healthy and happy life. They may choose to live with our other human family members and loved ones who have passed, and spend their lives with familiar faces in companionship with them.
Alternatively, our pets may decide to live a free life in the Spirit Realms, birds flying free in the trees, dogs running around in packs in fields and cats being leisurely and relaxing. They can do as they please and for as long as they like. They may even choose a bit of everything to pass their time.
Once it's our time to return to the World of Spirit, our pets will be there waiting for us so that we can be reunited with them, along with our other loved ones. They never forget the love we share with them, and the bonds we made, and their love remains unconditional.

Our pets can still visit us from their side of life, as any spirit can, and they may connect with us shortly after passing to let us know that they've arrived safely and that they're well again. Most people are visited by their pets in their dream state, this is a visitation from them and not wishful thinking. People often sense their pets coming around them too, brushing up against their legs or feeling their dog curl up on the end of their bed at night. I always advise to acknowledge these sensations, whether out loud or in your mind, just so your furry friend knows you sensed them, and will know in the future what works and what doesn't when they wish to visit you again.

It's awesome to have our pets watch our backs in the World of Spirit, they will forever remain loyal and bonded with us and do whatever it takes to protect, guide and guard us when we're in times of need. They're never far and just a thought away when we need them. Every soul is equal in the Spirit World, animals and humans alike are welcome and live side by side. An animal's soul is just as bright and complex as our own, so fear not, our pets that have passed are safe and sound.

Have you had any visitations from animals in the Spirit World? Comment below your experiences.

Credit: FreeImages.com. Picture created by Bethan Hazell.

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