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Are Spirits Always Trying to Contact Me?

16 May 2016

Freeimages.com/Chrobatos-52144The Spirit World and I have a close understanding that I will happily do their work, passing on beautiful, healing, loving messages for them and I will go where I am directed, as long as they do not constantly harass me during my everyday life. Spirit step forward and communicate with me on an agreed date and time and I let them know, usually through prayer, that I am ready for them to connect with them. However, this doesn't always go to plan... Baring in mind that the Spirit World will have trillions upon trillions of different inhabitants, that not every single spirit will know my own personal rules, so I do occasionally have a surprise visit from a spirit once in a while, when I least expect it.
This happened to me earlier this week, I was in the process of moving house and I was driving boxes from one property to the other. I saw up ahead a white car coming in my direction, when it swerved onto our side of the road driving headlong towards the car in front of mine. I'm watching closely as I'm thinking to myself 'I hope they get back to their side of the road soon!' when all of a sudden the car disappears. There was no reaction from the car in front nor from my partner, who was in the car with me. As I drove through the spot the car had disappeared, I shuddered from head to toe as I felt myself pass right through an energy and flashes of a scene appeared in my mind of a drunk driver who had lost control and veered off the road. I gasped, as the sudden invasion of another energy connecting with me took me aback, and all the hairs on the back of my arms stood on end. I explained to my partner what I had just experienced as he was very concerned about my reaction. As we went further down the road, there were flowers tied to a lamp post. I don't know if they were connected, as there was quite a distance between the flowers and the energy I felt, but they may well have been.

How do you know or when do you know that you have a connection with the 'other side'?
Apart from their missing head? I joke! They don't appear like that. It varies completely from spirit to spirit, and different mediums experience different things. If I am working for Spirit during an organised time (such as a demonstration of mediumship or a booked private sitting) I have a rough idea of what to expect. Sometimes, I will see a spirit clearly and physically in the room and I can hear them clearly as well, I prefer this form of communication as it means that I can just describe the person as I see them, and repeat what it is they're saying to me. Sometimes, they come to me as an energy form, and I just feel their personality and I need to interpret what they're saying through emotion and feelings. Sometimes I don't even get that, and I just get given images or scenes of various things that are symbolic, and I have to figure out the meaning to pass on the message. Every communication is different and it can be anyone of those things.
If it's not an organised demonstration, and it's my Spirit Team, family or random Joe Blogs coming to visit me, then it can be any of what I've just mentioned, or I just get a feeling that I'm not alone, and someone is watching over me, even when I'm completely and utterly alone in the Physical World. There's also occasions where I may be completely unaware a spirit has connected with me, but they share information with me that I pick up on a subconscious level, and it doesn't hit me until a lot later on that a spirit was trying to have a chat.
I talk more on this subject in my previous blog "Communicating with Spirits is like...".

Are there spirits you havent been able to contact?
Yes, there have been, although it's not something that occurs often. There are many reasons why a spirit may be un-contactable, and I couldn't possibly list them all, though one of the most common reasons is when a spirit first crosses over to the Spirit Realms. The spirit goes to the Halls of Healing, where no messages can enter or exit. This is for a short time whilst the spirit heals from the physical and emotional pain that they may have experienced on the Earth Plain. I talk more about what happens when a spirit crosses over in my blog "What Happens to Our Soul When it's Our Time to Cross Over?".
Sometimes, a spirit may simply be busy doing something else, it happens to the best of us, our best friend calls but we're in the middle of a business meeting, and we simply cannot answer that call. Same goes for Spirit, although they do have the ability to be in more than one place at one time, there maybe something very important they need to focus their entire attention on.
I have also experienced some spirits not knowing how to communicate via a medium. These spirits tend to be new to the World of Spirit, but this doesn't stop them trying hard. I find these communications to be difficult and hard-going, but with perseverance, we tend to get the essence of the message that they wish to pass on.
Some spirits simply don't want to communicate. This could be because they don't wish to speak to the person on the Earth Plain trying to connect with them, or they don't like me, the medium. They may even disagree with mediumship as they're a staunch Christian, and it goes against their beliefs.

As a medium, it's very difficult when a spirit doesn't want to, or cannot connect in a reading, especially when someone desperately wants to hear from them. I have had to explain to a small number of people in the past, who have had private readings with me, that they don't always connect and that perhaps waiting a few months, their loved one may be ready to come through. It's difficult because I can see how much that person wants to hear from their loved one, but there's very little I can do to bring them forwards. I simply act as a phone, I have no control over who picks it up to ring. This is why many mediums recommend not having a reading if they wish to hear from a particular person who has recently passed, and to wait at least 6 months after the passing, as this is the most regular reason why there is no connection.

Either way, our loved ones in spirit do watch over us and there are to support and help us when we need it. We just need to ask. They're not there watching you as you're pooping on the toilet, they do wait outside the door, but they're always around us in energy and ready to jump in when we need them to.

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